1. How the fuck did not ONE queen from the third group lip sync

  2. is this the beginning of an Amethyst redemption arc

  3. I agree poppy’s runway were bad… but for only one member of group 3 to be in the bottom is wild to me

  4. I actually really like it but for me it just needs a better kit, like the kit is has now just doesn’t work for it imo.

  5. Do we know where it will show outside of US? In UK last time it was wow+ after years on Netflix.

  6. Maybe more queens for one and the host will only be like the US judges instead of whatever the judges are for the country VS the world is in

  7. Season 9 hands down, besides Charlie everyone else is pretty much still in the public eye and really successful

  8. Killing lesser salmonoids is incredibly helpful so if your stuck with a weapon your not really good at just kill those that’ll help you team.

  9. I have not gotten one, I’ve gotten 1 10x and that’s it

  10. i don't think it was anything more than 2 friends sleeping together, with the dick groping as a joke. If anything else like this happens again then take an interest but leave this alone for now

  11. Here in the UK, it airs on BBC Three at 9pm

  12. Should be, like there might be problems that it get stuck in transit but for the most part it delivers the same day. You just won’t get probably until afternoon/evening

  13. I keep forgetting they exist cause after 2 games of not being able to do that it’s hard to remember

  14. I’m 24 and I wouldn’t date any under 22 and the highest I’ll go is 27. I just want someone to grow old with so I wouldn’t go super high and someone. And anyone younger just doesn’t have the life experience that I have at this age.

  15. I run my A! Ishtar with the phantom speed seal, so that basically always guarantees a brave effect. Even if you don’t, her Speed is enough to at least double most characters. Personally, I’d go with + Atk.

  16. Yeah that’s what I was thinking also, thank you for your feedback

  17. No I think it will cause if your range is 2 (which they all are) it just ends your turn. HOWEVER if they ever get on units with 1 range that’s what I’m curious about

  18. Now that tier 4 b skills are here whose ready for Trace 4s

  19. fwiw, I found WHM to be oddly the toughest healer at low levels. Your early toolkit really sucks. Meanwhile SCH is over there barely having to do anything while the fairy passively heals people.

  20. This is true WHT becomes ALOT better in HW with the lilies and assize, also the burst heal you get at 60

  21. White mage for a newer player for sure. It’s the easiest healer and can get new players to learn healing the best. However when you change between the 2 remember that White mage is a pure healer and Scholar is a shield healer.

  22. I THINK one of the first ones was FCorrin and Ninian, FCorrin never got to be winning or she did but I think that was like once during the whole round. That was a fun time to be playing

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