1. What is Tea For God, and why can’t I find it in the App Store?

  2. It's in the app lab. You can actually find app lab games in the store now, but you have to scroll all the way to the bottom past all the nonsense. TfG is worth checking out, great use of VR space.

  3. I'm playing Yakuza 3 now, behind you, but Kiryu said he was going back (then... He fed a dog and picked out a new outfit for a kid instead?). I assume any moment I'll be where you are.

  4. Rudiger doesn't have a yellow card in this picture though. The assistant manager is saying to sub him because if he gets a yellow card in this game he'll reach the card limit and miss the next game.

  5. PotW is the only truly Streets of Rage type game on the Quest. There are other beat em ups, but none that do the SoR thing in the same way.

  6. I've done a day in real life synced to a day in game the past two years. It's a bit weird - it starts with you 'playing' for like ten minutes then you turn the game off for three days or so. Then some days you're playing a lot more Shenmue than others.

  7. Depressing that I have been playing since the 90s and my path still looks like: team in division 3 (which doesn't exist any more) -> all the way to top tier -> several seasons with European teams -> back to finish the job as the best manager in the world

  8. I had this happen a bunch of times on one of the stages (I guess stage three, since that's where you've seen it). It's like it starts when you pass over the finish of the sprint in the other direction, or something. Extremely weird to see the distance to finish going up.

  9. Ive been using the Hub for three weeks now and haven't hand any issues (knock on wood). That said, I am sort of a novice to indoor and trainer riding so hopefully I would know if something was off.

  10. Yep, the Hub is great. Not sure why this sub has decided it has issues, beyond five or so people returning day one devices. I don't know about the Kickr for a direct comparison at $700, but the Hub is by far the best option in its price range (and, without sales, several hundred dollars above its price range too).

  11. Either way. I started doing it with it open, because my last phone needed to be awake for Android Auto to work. I have since realized that it doesn't matter with this phone. I can plug it in folded and it works instantly.

  12. How do you do them solo? Can I just select the route or do I need to log into something?

  13. Yep. Click on the tour and you can ride stages 5 and 6. I did stage five this morning.

  14. While I don't have one to test, I'll bet that it tells you to execute it after a period of use (i.e. typically 15 mins to warm equipment up) so while the actual spindown takes a min or 2, the whole thing is more like 15-20 mins done properly. Hopefully self-calibration is a feature we find trickling down to the value segment so the whole thing is unnecessary.

  15. It's after ten minutes, and Zwift tells you to do it once a month. Easy enough to just pause your ride for thirty seconds once a month. (I also doubt, really, that most Hub users would notice the difference.)

  16. After 10 minutes of warmup, once per month or if you move the trainer.

  17. I mean, it's temperature based right? Did that five feet make a difference to the temperature?

  18. Dude literally only said it wouldn't cost $100k at that rate unless the book was 500k words long. I think you're arguing against something he didn't say.

  19. I like it so far, but have you thought about adding a prologue or two to flesh out the world?

  20. TIL there's an ammo score counter. I didn't run out of ammo a single time the entire game and the only time I thought I had done was when I got the glitch that makes your left hand unable to grip anything.

  21. Spider-Man. But Heavy Rain is some silly fun too.

  22. It wouldn't necessarily put me off but I do think it looks like a negative on your working space. I say this as somebody who scoured the house looking for the perfect spot for his dart board, mounted it, then realized on his Monday morning meeting that it was directly over his shoulder on Zoom calls.

  23. I would like to win this prize

  24. I tested a Zwift competitor called Sol Cycling

  25. I'm stealing this bike because I get way too much pussy on my Cervelo

  26. This is the second time I've seen the skybox complaint and I have to admit that I've never noticed it. I've played the PS4 and Dreamcast versions a lot, and both quite recently. I feel like I'll notice it now it's been pointed out.

  27. This actually looks more like a person just put in the wrong phone number when trying to set up their account. Had the code sent three times before realizing the number was wrong. Just ignore it like it was a scam anyways

  28. Yeah, I thought the same. I have some old guy with the same name as me who used to put down my email address for things. Every six months I get his reminders about his Camry service at a garage in Arizona and I enjoyed (?) two years of his Washington Post digital subscription before he presumably cancelled it.

  29. I find the dev tools very useful for improving my website, since I can test quick CSS changes in a few seconds. I also use them to remove annoying ads and other stuff on sports streaming sites. And it's fun to see how a page works sometimes. Perhaps some sites, like banks, could have an opt-out to make the scam a little more difficult (incidentally, I wasn't able to do it on the Citibank demo site pop-up when I was leading on a scammer recently).

  30. A rare "not a scam" on here, but gosh I'd be wary of transporting someone else's random loaded trailer without knowing what's inside.

  31. Given how often we get this thread, it's not just you.

  32. Problem is I wouldn't buy it because unlike meta who is throwing their chips on the table, google is indecisive and never commits fully to something. That makes hardware purchases risky unless they're guaranteed by another company.

  33. Yeah, Google half-asses so many projects and even launches rival products to compete with itself. Not worth getting in early on anything they do unless you're confident it'll be so successful that they have to commit.

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