T1 vs. Gen.G / LCK 2022 Spring Playoffs - Final / Post-Match Discussion

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  • By - adz0r

[MAGEBLOOD GIVEAWAY] Following the recent events in Ukraine I decided not to be Idle and participate and help refugees arriving in my country. This item will be of no use to me so please leave a comment and I will pick somebody on Monday at 10:00 CET time. Peace.

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  2. Yes. But do note that if an enemy viper snakebite themselves it over rides your snakebite so they take less DMG. But if they're in a smoke orb they'll die anyway but slower

  3. Actually, me and a couple friends tested this. With this molly override, its possible to actually live even with the smoke decay. If you are hit with a viper molly and viper smoke, and you molly yourself within a 1-1.5 second time frame, its possible to survive with 150 hp.

  4. If I want to override damage ticks, do I need to hit myself after enemy Molly activates or can I take DMG preemptively and even once the enemy's activate I will keep taking damage from mine?

  5. Think of the damage override like paint layers. Say you throw two kill joy nades side by side to form a venn diagram, one circle being your nade and the other the enemy nade. Depending on which nade was thrown last, the area where the two circles overlap will be the damage of the one on top. To answer your question, yeah if you toss your nade on top of an already activated moly, the area your nade covers will be your tick damage.

  6. As someone whose first fps was Valorant and also came from league after years of playing, the truth is that you just need to play games. There is no hidden tech or wu shu dragon scroll magic that will magically improve your reaction speeds or aim.

  7. T1 was heavily peaking today, they played phenomenal. But if they played a little worse and lost game 2 as they should've, I think we see a very different rest of the series. G2 utterly mental boomed for game 3. And tristana won game 1 in draft. It's a combination of G2 being outclassed and a very unfortunate sequence of events.

  8. Myself for killing that one turtle

  9. Peanut and Doran legit griefing in game 5 (Edit: Game 4). This was one of the worst jungle performance I've ever seen.

  10. griefed game 4 so hard they transcended reality and griefed game 5

  11. My dumbass read NTR and was concerned for a second

  12. If you get hit with a trapped chest you can't fast travel out until you find a Grace and rest at it.

  13. not even then. The game wont let you tele out even after you touch grace near the exit of the mines. You have to travel all the way out of the location( yes outside the mines and far away from the place) before the game allows you to tele

  14. Me casually enjoying my time, i see chest: Gets tele’d to a sex dungeon with gem slave dudes and shrimp/centipede fuckers

  15. Good luck bro, and godspeed for your work. Prayers go to Ukraine as well.

  16. Uzi’s chat acting like winning worlds is a case of “Just win LAWL” is so funny. These types of fans are so cringe

  17. First thing you need to do is stop running. This can be achieved by letting go of your movement keys. Then you need to shoot your gun, preferably at your opponent.

  18. Is cum physical or mental damage?

  19. Assuming Faker at this moment has 7.1 million dollars in the bank, and you had zero AND you offered to suck cock for 20$ a pop, you would have to suck 355,000 cocks to have the same amount of money as Faker. Assuming you could suck 1 per second, it would take you 246.5 days.

  20. Ayo, yall dropped this 👑👑👑👑👑

  21. I havent seen this game mentioned but Fall of Man was a pretty scary game back then.

  22. SKT vs RNG all 5 games in 2017 worlds

  23. to this day the lpl fear the colossus

  24. This guy knows what to do, can't regret your pick'ems choices if you don't make them

  25. the funniest part: if you didnt choose your pick ems, you got em right. The Defaulted picks for Group A were the actual outcome.

  26. Couldn’t finish the video felt too bad for M2K, he was clearly uncomfortable in his video. Fuck that clown for posting that dumbass shit without doing his research first

  27. can u link the dumbass’s post. If its on twitter i want to report the fuck out of this fucker.

  28. His account is suspended. He has a reddit if you look hard enough, but I wouldn't share it because he's already receiving threats.

  29. Fair enough. I would love to report him, but i also dont want anyone else sending him threats.

  30. In my experience, people fail to realize how large a billion actually is. To put it into perspective, this is one million: 1,000,000. Pretty standard right? This is ten million. 10,000,000. Now a hundred million: 100,000,000. Now lets see one billion. 1,000,000,000. At a glance, a million to a billion doesn’t seem much, but put on a different perspective, a million pales in comparison to a billion.

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