1. God is Serbian and too many fembois croatian

  2. Είπαν να ψηφίσουν ένα άλλο μια φορά και έσκασε το Τσουνάμι στη Φουκουσίμα. Μάλλον είχαν θυμώσει το Μητσοτακη

  3. Too busy making new default skins (noone actually uses them)

  4. The real caves and cliffs updatee

  5. literally a post that suddenly ends with a dude busting a nut there !

  6. Romania . While other countries only have lets say Turkey has only Turks in the army , Romania has Romanians , Thieves and Gypsies in the army . I consider them the strongest in the world .

  7. I like how the rift is green as is Athena in the highest form

  8. and its different glow than e.g. Enderman's eyes . The Blade and Axe are glowing similarly how they "glow" in day time. Also they is no gradual glow

  9. If you want in the editor you can dupe the blades and move their model around then make it seem like your using two

  10. it looks weird . But you can always have a second one in the off hand

  11. Οι σταφιδες . Το κανανε μια φορα (νομιζω) . Ας το ξανακανουνε

  12. I 👏 dont know👏 what 👏you👏 are👏 talking about. People 👏like this👏 are👏 the best 👏to have👏 a civilized discussion with. And 👏not annoying 👏at all.

  13. When Clapping you also have to talk slowly like " I..................... Dont.............Know" etc

  14. Nothing beats Turk vs Greek debate to be honest.

  15. I wish she didnt have a meatball for hair .

  16. Good dog little blue shirt man . Good dog

  17. Saw a pinned post there a while back saying they were working on fixing the rules based on criticism. I assume that hasn't gotten anywhere?

  18. I dont trust reddit mods let alone reddit admins . They are grim

  19. Η διαφορα μεταξυ εγκληματος που κανει Ελληνας και ενας αλλοδαπος που βρισκεται χωρις άδεια στην Ελλαδα, ειναι οτι το δευτερο εγκλημα θα μπορουσαμε να το ειχαμε αποφυγει με σωστη φυλαξη συνορων και απελασεις.

  20. Ωραια πεες μας ακριβως το σχεδιο .

  21. Erdo : Dude dont commit suicide, I'll make things worse I promise . You have my word .

  22. Τον Σεφερλη τι τον εχει ??

  23. τι εννοεις την προβαλουν σαν προτυπο;

  24. Η κοπελα εκανε πασα να της πεις "Ελα απο μενα . Εχω θερμανση !!"

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