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  1. As an 80's kid who had to calibrate EVERY controller for EVERY game on PC back then, i am quite frankly amazed they don't just push a software calibration tool? Or is the drift continuously changing during gameplay?

  2. I am waiting for Darkest Dungeon 2 steam release too.

  3. All of the games are free and I don't pay them a buck

  4. That's their bait to make you a chump because they have nothing to offer and use the games to make it look like a whole bunch of people use their shitty store.

  5. Obligatory "God fucking dammit, they can't possibly be so inept that they can't consolidate every game into a single hub/launcher type application" comment.

  6. if you go to settings -> pulseaudio volume control there is a latencyoffset option

  7. Please specify this is a utility that must be downloaded, not a part of the base system install.

  8. Mine didn't have it. I've had my Deck since Q1.

  9. $60 special event skin, only offered once ever for one day.

  10. Redditors when Gaben spotlights a game for full price

  11. I'm a doctor. As you used a meme, i diagnose you with dumb.

  12. Could you explain more? Isn't vsync supposed to improve the visuals as your monitor doesn't have to interpolate frames

  13. im expecting big stonks and for the game industry to take all the wrong notes from the success

  14. "It would have been more successful if it was Epic exclusive!"

  15. I have a 10+ year old PS1 to USB dual adapter, and Steam recognizes 2 controllers if I plug it in. It's very cool.

  16. Steam natively supports Joycons but only individually. They haven't figured out how to get a pair working.

  17. Given the history with SDL Input-related stuffs coming over to Steam Input,

  18. not so fast jimbo, this is the future we’re talking about. You will own nothing, and the corporations will be happy.

  19. distant laughter of pirates as they put the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme on full blast while downloading and breaking DRMs on whatever the hell they please

  20. It was taken down by Nintendo but being the idiots they are about the internet, it was too late.

  21. They sent a C&D letter to the developer and he stopped working on it. I think it worked

  22. Instructions unclear, put whole self into condom but still opened bottle successfully.

  23. My friend payed £4 at the time so I offered him £3 but he just gave me it and said he hated controllers and is sticking with mouse and keyboard

  24. You should remind them keyboard and mouse can't handle everything.

  25. This is just blogspam. This was all known two months ago:

  26. I swear people in this subreddit are willing to label as trash genuinely good items just because they can be bad in some incredibly specific situation. Flashlight is incredibly good, the only boss it becomes a liability is the beast fight...

  27. Then it needs double tap on/off AND point where you're shooting.

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