1. If Ellie is saying something I’d like to think something will happen. She works with so many big companies in the country including one of the national banks. Plus she has the order of Nova Scotia sooo I mean she’s the coolest (yes I’m biased)

  2. Yeah whoever wrote this needs to rethink their English

  3. Ooh get a second seasonal! Haha you’d probably save some money

  4. I wouldn’t trust the Wi-Fi on planes… a lot of times it’s spotty and some airlines you have to pay for it as well…

  5. Proton VPN is the best one in terms of security/not selling your data

  6. It’s interesting to see what stayed the whole time and what went immediately. Hello butter container and vest 😂

  7. Agreed! I cancelled my seasonal yesterday and I’m so sad. I just couldn’t find anything in these categories that “sparked joy” for me this season…

  8. I wonder if they picked this color just so people would stop complaining about pink. 🤔

  9. Probably haha I’m okay with that just for giggles

  10. It’s posts like these that make me happy to be a seasonal so I can easily cancel! Like that is just so shady and weird of them!

  11. Degree in higher Ed admin here - it’s pretty common for athletes to have a degree like this because they can finagle classes and schedules around their respective sport. The degree won’t get you much in “the real world” but I highly doubt she’s concerned (nor does she need to be really) about that. She can also get a masters at OU more specific with that if she wanted is my guess

  12. Bets the FFF Fanny pack goes to every single seasonal? Everything else seems to good to be true

  13. I have a theory they’ve been slowly trying to switch which categories are the best to 5/6 so people are more incentivized to sign up for annual

  14. Omg you’re so right. As a seasonal, I was just thinking dang I’d love this but the likelihood of getting it seem v low 😂

  15. Personally would not buy anything unless it was a from a friend. I don’t know if they swatched or used the products, how clean their house is. Too many variables

  16. Same! The unknown of what might actually be inside is pretty unnerving

  17. Ahhh, I saw this in my feed and thought the same thing! And then they want like $9 plus shipping for an item or $375 for the lot. Uhh, hard pass there.

  18. Right! It’s a big yikes for me! I wonder if anyone actually buys from these posts?

  19. Ooh keep me posted! I’ve noticed no improvement with the eye cream and I’ve been using it for almost a month now 😓

  20. Really weird, but what does yours smell like? Mine doesn’t smell pleasant, which makes me wonder that it’s past it’s time. Highly unfortunately actually, considering FFF isn’t cheap anymore

  21. Mine smells fine! I just feel like it’s doing nothing for the bags under my eyes and it’s so disappointing!

  22. There have been a few threads about it. The short (yes as you read this is the short) version:

  23. I’m in the dark here. What their obsession specifically with Olivia? All I can find online is she’s a social media star but is there anything more specific?

  24. She's conventionally attractive but not intimidatingly so and curates her content to appeal to young men who see her as a girl next door who may interact with their comments online. Sometimes there just has to be an x factor and she apparently has it.

  25. Okay yeah, so nothing interesting? I wonder if she regrets it for the protection of her teammates or something 🥺

  26. Do we really "neeeed" anything from FFF? Not really, and yet, here we are 😆😇

  27. Kitchen and clothing stuff (like bathroom yes) but most of it noooope hahaha

  28. If it’s all skin products I’m def cancelling my seasonal 😓

  29. Actually feel like this sale is one of the better ones they’ve had in a while! But I’m trying to keep my cart reasonable with things I’ve been eyeing for a while or brands I know I like.

  30. Same! Haha this one is more exciting than the edit sale was 😂🙈

  31. Jawahirs excuse for everything was: I was adopted. Seb and Kayla definitely didn't deserve finals. I think finals deserved Nick, James and dont know for other 2.

  32. I honestly would love to know what Jawas adopted parents thought of the show. Like how much this show has affected her family life

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