1. I think this accurately depicts what its like being a mom of kids aged 0-10. ๐Ÿ˜…

  2. I'm going to be honest. Hopefully it doesn't come across as too harsh.

  3. I agree with this assessment except i dont mind Calypso (she'd probably just be called Caly forever) or Zeke. Its nice to have a bit of a unique name, but not so much that you are 100% going to be teased over it (im looking at you, Funk & Jester).

  4. In my family the oldest boy has dads first name as a middle and the next boy has paternal grandpa's first name as middle. My sister did this with her boys and my middle brother did it with his boys.

  5. Even when my husband is up til 3AM he doesnt sleep in til 10. Unless he is up working, he's getting the toddler at 730/8 (or if im feel really nice and the infant didnt wake up too much overnight). One time i let him sleep til 9 because he was doing renos til 2AM.

  6. I find what works for me is staying as close to baby as possible as i lower them and then when they are down i keep one hand under their back and one on their chest. Then i slowly move my hand out from under them.

  7. It wont be an issue for you to eat. The reason you dont put metal in the microwave is because it can create an electrical arc and start a fire.

  8. I wouldn't focus on the calories right now. Focus on building healthy habits and a strong body. Create a healthy relationship with food - dont deny yourself, but practice moderation.

  9. My eczema is exacerbated in winter (im in AB). I use aveeno eczema cream. I think they make a baby one too (have used that on my daughter).

  10. Man i'd settle for 6 uninterrupted hours. ๐Ÿ˜ด

  11. Was about to say the same lol. I think I could do anything on 6 hours of uninterrupted at this point. A shower and clean sheets would send it over the edge.

  12. I just tried to make cabbage rolls for dinner (rookie mistake) and i would kill for uninterrupted cooking time where my toddler wasnt shouting "mama" and my infant wasnt crying. Like just let me make dinner.

  13. I was a project coordinator - if i tried to plan my family around when i wouldn't be on projects, i wouldnt have 2 kids now.

  14. Their frozen raspberries are pretty good. I found the compliments and the superstore brand ones had a lot of broken raspberries. My princess of a toddler wont eat broken frozen raspberries ๐Ÿ˜’ but they taste sweeter than the compliment and superstore ones too, so thats a plus.

  15. where are you finding frozen raspberrie mixes?! i havent seen any in stores in like a year

  16. I bought these last 2 bags about 2 months ago, maybe? I get them from the coop at Quarry Park.

  17. This might sound like a dumb question, but what % does caramel normally use?

  18. Id do the dtap at the regularly scheduled time and wait on the MMR.

  19. What about pull ups? You can make a BIG fuss about how they're for big girls and she doesn't have to lay down to put them on.

  20. Fun fact: the bitter white part of the rind is called the pith.

  21. It probably just slipped his mind and there's gonna be a lot of that. He didn't do it on purpose and he apologized. If i was in your husband's position, i'd be mad that you were still mad - cant do anything about it now except try to figure out a plan. Diaper bag gets hung on the door handle and you keep an emergency set of diapers just in a ziploc.

  22. Even with the USD to CAD conversion thats a win!! Butter here is like 6.50CAD.

  23. In Toronto butter for 6.50 is a steal I see most butter around 7-8 bucks. Ontario and their dairy always expensive sigh

  24. Oh my stars. I cant even imagine! Im in Alberta, didnt realize we had good prices ๐Ÿ˜…

  25. It looks like it seized. I think you could have rescued it by adding a little cream and whisking more.

  26. 59 is pretty chilly. I keep my room (where my 3m old sleeps) at about 68. However, babies let you know when they are too cold, so if baby hasn't been waking up frequently crying for seemingly no reason then they are probably fine.

  27. Your friend just didn't have the right form, probably lost his balance and tried to use his back muscles to compensate (by tilting his torso backwards) and it didn't work.

  28. Literally nothing until her first tooth popped up at 13 months ๐Ÿ˜… and im okay to do the same with my 2nd.

  29. I change pee diapers wherever (and newborn poop diapers), but always change toddler poop diapers in the bathroom (with a towel down) so i can dump the solids.

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