1. Didnt they get tickets thru Disney? They filmed all their prep for the show. I think Kourt and Khloe wont bother this year.

  2. Maybe I missed something, but where are Gage and Michael? Didn’t they come up with the rest of the family?

  3. Gage was there, he had a few meltdowns. I think Micheal was editted out after the fact

  4. I’d be curious to know more about Caleb. Has anyone found him on social media yet? In general I can’t get a good read on him. He has odd speech patterns and facial expressions which may be due to other health issues. I’d also be curious to know his IQ… I’m not too worried about a “divorce” since they aren’t legally married. Tammy will just move on to the next guy. I really feel for Amy. I think her PPD has brought up a lot of her past trauma and I don’t think she’s getting the professional help she needs.

  5. I found his FB page. He spent a long time in hospital/nursing home before checking into the Rehab centre. His parents are both dead so he must have no place else to go??

  6. I’ve always thought that Iga is very much Rafa like. She’s going to have bursts of great all time play on hard courts but I still think she’s still unmatched on clay courts.

  7. Iga stated on her IG that her ribs were bothering her. Remember when same thing happened to Rafa???? At least she finished the match....

  8. Why is that stuff floating in the air in District 7, like in the Upside Down?????

  9. I agree, and most of the stuff never makes it out of the store. Jill goes there with Famy sometimes.

  10. Bianca and Iga are my two favorite players in the world. I had the good fortune to watch this match in person from 10th row baseline.

  11. I watched too, thought that Bianca is still too emotional out there. She shouldnt be relieved to hit a good serve. Just hit a good serve again.

  12. And why do they have a costume party for ILY day?

  13. Because the show producers used to get the costumes for them. It was such an exciting idea!!!

  14. I think Nathan is still in Turkey and Esther has been in PA with her family but not sure completely.

  15. Esther stopped in NJ on her way to Pennsylvania. Makes sense now that we know Nathan is away.

  16. Books gets a scholarship from what I remember them writing in their book, so he doesn’t pay much and they got the free housing in their old house too

  17. He was working for them too. Helping out with their podcast ministry. Playing golf with the top brass. He was part of a PR campaign for sure.

  18. Those Amazon packages for her kids must be paid for!!! I cant wait til they grow up and see how she sold them for cash.

  19. Too expensive. Looks like Micheal is sewing some dresses. Isnt she lucky?

  20. I wonder if Lawson and Tiffany have decided to stop doing YouTube? Maybe they both realized it isn’t going well and Tiffany is wanting to focus more on auditioning for acting jobs.

  21. The LA acting coach @kimberlycrandall who is helping Tiffany posted on her IG. Definitely on a mission to start acting again!

  22. Is there a reason they don’t do breakfast and lunch on Sunday?

  23. Its possible people go into town to go to a church?? Or the kitchen staff have to go to church?

  24. Jills aqua green bridemaid dresses resewn by Cinder Jana from a sleeveless dress to be more modest. On the show they made a big deal about how thrifty Jill was being. But why not just find other dresses that had sleeves? It was the days before online shopping but still.....

  25. Did they ever go there on the show before? I wonder if they were with Jana & Laura, James, and Elijah when they went to Italy and stuff?

  26. No they werent with them in Italy. They seem to be on a group trip that flew out of Miami.

  27. They were probably expecting a lasagna full of cheese. Unfortunately for them, northern Italy lasagna is made with bechamel sauce, so just a little parmesano cheese, that’s it. In my opinion way better than the cheese one. Also, coke tastes way better not just in Italy, but most of the world. The recipe’s different.

  28. Im sure the cheeses taste much different to them. It actually has flavor there! And herbs and spices would be added to the lasagna!

  29. Loooks like shes in the washroom line (wc means Water closet)

  30. Its actually alot cheaper to move a house than buy another. Especially if they are putting it on preowned or family land. My parents moved our old place 400km cos even after moving and purchasing the house it was cheaper than the cost of housing where they moved it to or building

  31. They moved a house onto TTH lot for Joe and Kendra to live in. It was another house that Grandma Mary owned.

  32. Can someone explain this to me? Is it a manufactured home? Doesn’t look like one to me. How else could they move it? No foundation?

  33. No basement just a slab foundation, thats correct.

  34. She still looks like a teenager. Not sure about her getting any wife parts.

  35. Remember when Gramma Mary took bags of Dead Sea mud back home with her?? And Meech and Jill spent most of their time looking after tiny Josie. I bet Meech wanted to go back and actually see Israel.

  36. I think the Bates were originally supposed to go too ( although maybe they still are) as Gil said to KJ that she wasn't going to get to go to Israel when Katie announced her pregnancy (Katie's due date was originally early March).

  37. Gil and KellyJo were in Florida this week visiting their daughters so maybe they flew from Miami too?

  38. They made Meech look bad/clueless a few times. It was probably the tip of the iceberg. I agree, Derick wasnt enthusiastic about the show the way Books was. The producers made him look awkward.

  39. Wow, they took the baby home with them ! What a shocker!

  40. Never been to a well lit Legon bar. Haven't been to Belleville one however. They rent real cheap

  41. The Belleville Legion is like a high school gym. But you could turn the lights off?

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