1. Starve of water prior to cutting to Sweeten it up.

  2. May o trouble you and ask what type of sofa/ futon is that(blue). OMgoodness… it looks so comfy and inviting!

  3. You got it right its futon laid flat

  4. What brand is it? How do I go about owning one? Is it as comfy as it looks?

  5. Dang, I have heard this before. I have 3 melons plants and they are on a drip system with my tomato as and other plants. Kind of difficult to shut off the water for 3 days- Wait, what if you have melons growing at all different sizes and rates, won’t that affect the small ones?

  6. This is very true as well! Agree! Great info.

  7. Starve your plant of water before picking/ cutting.

  8. 1 or 3 are my fav. But 4 isn’t bad either…

  9. Get a washcloth and wet it and then stick it in the freezer. Give that to her and let her chew on it it’ll help her teething and bring down any inflammation

  10. We had a toy that was like this, Bam had it in bed every night and loved it! 😊

  11. Ain’t no quality tomato I wouldn’t salt and eat raw

  12. I don’t blame ya… tomatoes are amazing in my book and although I try not to for health reasons… I love a lil salt.

  13. You could slice a bunch and dehydrate them for dog treats if you have a Doggo. 🙃

  14. I wish! I will keep that in mind for our future dog.

  15. I had no idea that’s what a pigeons nest would look like I thought it was a wasp nest. Good to know.

  16. Not bad, not bad at all. Keep on practicing and keep on working at it and you’ll get better and better as time goes on

  17. Yea, but you have to be responsible. They definitely scare away and detect other animals faster. They are also great companions for solo hikers and can be calming.

  18. So true! Looks like you had a great adventure tho…

  19. I have a dog and I missed him a lot, but he couldn't have made the bike trip on the road at the beginning of the journey. It would have been great to have him and he does a lot of hikes with me.

  20. I’ve posted on Facebook groups, the Nextdoor app, PawBoost and here with no luck so far 😢. He doesn’t show up on the spca website I checked earlier so I will be going in person tomorrow and hope for the best. He barks at strangers which is why I don’t think anyone would have him, so I think he either wandered too far and got lost or got hurt somehow 😞. He’s a smart dog I hope he is still somewhere out there and someone spots him or he ends up in a shelter

  21. They say most of the time the dogs are within a couple of blocks. I knew a lady who lost hers and I saw her on day five and told her about it (happen to see her running while out with my dogs-she wouldn’t let me catch her)and on day seven she saw it on the SPCA. It was literally two streets over when it was picked up. I hope you find ur baby… positive vibes… don’t give up…

  22. I’ve looked around my neighborhood but I will continue tomorrow and expand my search, I’m praying at this point for a miracle thank you so much

  23. Awww man… I know how it feels…. Ur baby is lost… sending positive vibes and hoping you find him soon… he’s missing you right back and prob desperately trying to find his way home…. You try making flyers? Office Depot is prettying good at doing that.

  24. Such a BT lol… typical lol but what a cutie

  25. I was thinking that but from what I saw in online articles; it doesn’t look easy to find where it stops.

  26. Best dogs ever… you may not know it but she will be ur best friend… what a cutie

  27. She is absolutely without a doubt beautiful… 🥰

  28. Yes and we love it… it’s so funny and too cute!

  29. I’ll keep an eye out for the next event… sounds cool.

  30. That would be very strange, as I planted a bell pepper seed but I googled it and you're right

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