1. Oil, vinegar and oregano. Trust Mike’s way already…

  2. Either are great starting points for refining your preference. WRDO is sweeter and oakier.

  3. Cause I’d still be waiting on more of them to merge for it to reach legendary

  4. Good question… I’d say maybe 3 to 4 months.

  5. Save the fancy cherries and just go with off brand soda. It’s my daily mixer but I’m biased, it’s everywhere in Texas for MSRP.

  6. Not gonna lie I got 3 different types of cherries on my bar and these luxardos are by far the best. I might buy into the hype for them….

  7. Soda for adding to the whiskey. It’s cheaper than the cherries and fitting for a bottle that gets lots of hype but isn’t more than a mixer. It was a joke…

  8. Ohhh nice I just Googled those boards

  9. I got the misfit “armored line” but I believe they only have the misfit laminate line now which are $50 or so more

  10. After buying it and seeing how fun the game is I would’ve gladly spent the extra on the wood rails. Still a great entry board none the less.

  11. Jameson Crested. Unavailable here in USA, however it’s a ~$40 bottle readily available in Ireland. Absolute sherry bomb. I bring back a couple every time I go

  12. I’ve gone almost every year but never did VIP. Biggest benefit I saw was last year one night it was super cold and everyone wanted to go to the indoor stage. A huge line formed (people waited about an hour) but VIP had a separate and significantly shorter line. That was the only night it was an issue though.

  13. Damn a lot of y’all want to collect bourbon just to not share?

  14. I thought EW green label was discontinued, used to be my go to for budget mixer 😢

  15. I just got the game and the Norwegian outpost expansion for my birthday. I can’t wait to play it.

  16. At MSRP it’s great. I usually mix it, there’s tons in Texas though..

  17. There’s a whiskey cake just north of Austin in round rock

  18. Yeah, for sure. Who wants to tend a pit/fire when it's hot as fuck outside?

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