1. Not sure how to do this on the mobile app sorry, but you can do this in the web version, from memory it's under layers then settings? Sorry that's not much help and I don't have a PC to hand at the moment

  2. I’m leaving my job. They are re-advertising the position at $85k (apparently under that they ‘won’t get any applicants’). I was on less than that (after 4.5 years) until last month. Makes me feel really fucking valued.

  3. You should totally submit an application for the newly advertised job! And as you already know your way around the business you'll save them a bunch of training, so negotiate for a higher salary

  4. It sounds like you are too focused on your expectations - what you need to do is swap your expectations for appreciation. I'm not eloquent enough to explain it in more detail, but do yourself a favour and listen to this podcast which will explain better than I ever could

  5. Looks pretty serious, lots of cop cars and officers with rifles etc at the end of the road

  6. This document published by MBIE was released recently giving advice for product substitution of plasterboard - this gives some options

  7. I’ve visited this place before! It’s just insanely amazing. They had a rope pulley system to bring stuff up with back in the day— I can’t imagine being trusting enough to ascend like that 😅

  8. I've been there too, one of my favourite places in Europe! A story (that I'll probably butcher, but I'll give the gist of it) that stuck out to me is apparently one of the people that lived there was asked 'how do you know when to replace the ropes that you use to access the monasteries?' to which he replied 'we let God decide'

  9. Ooohhhhh yes! Growing up all of my friends immediately assumed that because I was an only child I must have been spoiled - in reality my parents kept me very grounded, and in any case weren't that well off anyway.

  10. Dude, how slow is that guy going!?

  11. I would estimate he has moved 30cm (or 0.0003km) forward based on the position of the wheel in relation to the driveway.

  12. Somewhere read that Putin hates modern stuff, like computers and all that.

  13. Also: not invading neighbouring countries

  14. Hate to be one of the workers that have to clean up after that but I bet ya find a lot of lost shit and drugs.

  15. I worked for a travel company at Oktoberfest years ago, our passengers stayed in tents in a campsite and the state of some of the tents we had to clean up was awful...including one where the two guys in it claimed that someone broke into their tent at night and did a giant poo on the floor between them...yet one of them was particularly red faced and tried to clean it up himself in a hungover state...

  16. "Permission to come aboard" when about to get into bed

  17. My thoughts are that having the hob in the walk in pantry is not a good idea - it will feel cramped and like you are wedged into a tight space, and for your sort of cooking might result in it filling with fumes. Better to have the WIP as a pantry and do the cooking in the kitchen. Also I'd remove the wall in the kitchen island - will make it feel much more open and spacious. Having the fridge/freezer at the far end of the kitchen away from your other pantry storage might be annoying. I'd put the fridge in the WIP and the cooktop in the kitchen.

  18. People are very sensitive to variations in steps - the NZ building code allows for a maximum 5mm tolerance between risers for this reason, as you normally only lift your feet a few mm above the step.

  19. Interesting comparison - wow the Su-27 has a short wheelbase compared to the F14

  20. It's to support the bolts holding the fence up. There's can be a lot of flex in a single 50mm thick piece of timber (the existing retaining wall).

  21. A deck normally has return joists/nogs at 400 centres, whereas a retaining wall typically has the poles at 1000mm or more, so the longer span means it is working harder

  22. Pretty sure that's a safety from falling barrier detail rather than just a fence, which would explain the beefy substructure to support it. The NZ building code requires that large horizontal loads are applied to the barrier which effectively acts like a crow bar trying to pry the substructure apart - so a large force at the top becomes a very large for at the connection to the retaining wall.

  23. Looks like efflorescence - which as I recall isbasically salts that leach out of block masonry/concrete/brick. I'm not sure what the best fix for an existing wall is sorry, I think usually best dealt with by good prep before painting. A paint shop may be able to advise you here? I'm thinking locally scabble back and prep before painting, but I'm no expert on this, so I'd seek professional advice.

  24. He must be from llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

  25. I used to work at a big chain store and one of the buyers stole hundreds of thousands of dollars by setting up a fake business and "buying" their products.

  26. I also know someone that did this and skipped the country, with no online presence and no one heard or saw from them again

  27. The ceo of chipmunks is a racist. I worked ih the HQ for a bit and every 3 months he would reduce my salary by 10k, 7k and 5k and make me sign a new contract with the same tasks but less pay. He did that 3 times. I am an immigrant. He also asked me if I could understand English!

  28. That's terrible, and to my understanding very illegal!

  29. Dude, USG is one of the largest gypsum suppliers in the world. In terms of raw supply, Fletchers is a drop of piss in the ocean.

  30. Can you please expand on why elephant board struggles? Genuine question - elephant board bracing elements generally meet or exceed the capacity of gib equivalents.

  31. I'd definitely agree with the others saying go heat pump electric. Makes so much sense economically, and whatever you install will likely be in the house for say 20+ years - that's a lot of carbon emissions over that time! Also a friend said that they have gas hot water with bottles and that its a real hassle with getting bottles delivered/moved into place etc.

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