1. Not your fault, OP. This is why we have SOPs, Standard Work, and defined work processes.

  2. Visit Wragnell-St. Elias. If you're going to McCarthy anyway, hop on a plane and head out into the wilderness.

  3. Read your Career Objective: there's not one articulated, they're just opinions of yourself. Outline, specifically, what you're trying to accomplish. "Looking to grow revenues of an organization by 50% in 2 years" is a specific objective; "Recent Marketing grad looking to contribute to a Corporate Marketing department" is a specific'ish goal, "I'm good with people" is an opinion. You understand Marketing, so play with it.

  4. I think your modifications add a lot - nice job. Remember we Recruiters are different and each have our own preferences, but this is the type of detail I like to see in a resume.

  5. I had a sweet pair in red. My brother had green, so I called him Mr. Green Jeans and he beat me up.

  6. I want to go back to AOL and hear the creaky door open when a friend is online.

  7. Man, let the punishment fit the crime. This man was executed for shoplifting.

  8. Rusty the Bailiff. Always in control and kept a civil court, you might say.

  9. I was leaning toward a cheap single-AAA pen light or any product made by o-light just to troll, but a 4d maglite would work too... I've got a 6c kel-light somewhere.

  10. This is the Recruiter's job. Call her for an update. It's standard practice so nothing to be nervous about.

  11. I think that's a GT (see the fog lights in the grill. But those wheels?). So that's potentially worth a lot of $$$. Maybe tell him what you want to do and see what he approves. A nice gesture could impact the value of that car.

  12. This is the correct answer. And from there it's an easy walk to Peticolas Brewing, who makes very good beers.

  13. The SS meeting is at 0930. Don't be late. We're discussing book burnings AND sub-humans. Discussion lead by Mr. Himmler.

  14. It was Texas: fun, great music, great vibes, limited traffic, and it was common to get a damn good musician to drop-in to a bar where you were just hanging out.

  15. The "Tommyville Slugger" sounds like a very painful way to lose your virginity!

  16. Depends on who the fruited Mexican is. Probably want to touch base with them to see how they'd like to be categorized.

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