1. I have a simagic alpha mini with sprints and have zero issues with AMS2 crashing. My friend has the alpha mini as well and doesn't have any issues with it. Reading the other comments I tend to agree it may be a computer PSU issue. Hope you get it resolved.

  2. does the telemetry work with your wheel. looking to get the rpm to flash on my fx pro any advise?

  3. Sorry I don't have any advice for that, I have the GT4 wheel so there isn't any telemetry displayed on the wheel.

  4. The lead time for a wedding dress and alterations is greater than 2 months. As someone that just got married in June, I can tell you first hand that your sister has enough to worry about and you added a lot more stress to her big day.

  5. same, I have a simagic alpha mini and sprint pedals. I am pretty impressed with the GT Omega rig after transitioning from a g29. I have it on casters and it's still pretty movable when the rig isn't in use. How did you attach your monitor to it or did you buy a separate monitor stand? I just picked up a 34" monitor over Amazon prime day and need to get it closer to the wheel base.

  6. ha, braver man than me. I appreciate the quick reply!

  7. The McLaren was fully alongside when entering the turn. The BMW broke later, but the BMW never cleared the McLaren. The BMW proceeded to not only squeeze the McLaren, but completely disregarded it and just took the line.

  8. This guy is a prick based on the comments he left in this post but I did enjoy the community down voting him to oblivion. His opponent was far kinder than most would have been.

  9. Another person who got 2.5x my original salary without changing companies. It was a big org and I moved internally every 2yrs and fought hard for politically beneficial title moves (for instance, got a senior engineer salary bump but had them leave off the title, then 18mo later got the senior title and another raise).

  10. It sounds to me like you received a one time salary adjustment to be on par with market value. Then you earned a senior engineer promotion.

  11. Not the case. I went through 3 positions and the senior was technically a "fourth". Each time I got at least a 10% raise, but usually 15-20%

  12. Again wtf are you watching. They are racing for position right there. He was probably behind 2 or 3 tenths before the guy in front slammed on his brakes into a corner that requires very light to no braking at all. Think for yourself instead of spewing the trailing drivers responsibility rhetoric. It was a racing incident at best and at worst the guy in front fucked him.

  13. Why are you so emotionally invested? Get triggered much?

  14. If this is actually what you do for a living I'd suggest you either look for a new career or stop assuming everything must be "worst case scenario".

  15. not all heroes wear capes, well said my friend!

  16. I put my GT Omega apex wheel stand on casters. I just roll it out of the way when not in use and lock the casters when it's time to race. if I need more room I fold it up and put it in the closet.

  17. I have a tight budget right now since I’ve spent it alln the wheel. But definitely will buy a foldable stand in the future

  18. in the meantime I'd look into getting a monitor arm and putting the wheel on the side of the desk. pivot the monitor when you want to race and it won't interfere with your normal desk set up. them if you get a wheel stand in the future you can use the monitor arm to pull the screen closer.

  19. I've had a prism for a few weeks now and absolutely love it.

  20. I'm looking into buying that seat. Do you have Large or Medium seat? Does it fit you well? What's your waist and shoulder size?

  21. I'm 5'8" 160 lbs. I have a 31" pants waste (37" measured around the hips) and I wear a Iarge t-shirt size (my shoulder to shoulder measurement is 17" from the back). I debated on the medium or the large and ultimately went with the large and was glad I did. Before the seat arrived I was worried I would float in it but that isn't the case. I'd say it gently hugs my hips but it's not obnoxiously tight. It also hugs my shoulders but not too much that it's obtrusive. I ordered mine from Caautoparts.com and shipping was free. Another nice thing about this seat is that it's includes the seat brackets which will save you $35-$80. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  22. got one ordered, but won;t be available to mid february-- handwashing for me!

  23. I always order my replacement dishwasher parts from partselect.com. The parts always ship fast and I usually get them within two days after shipment. Their site also lets you type in your model number (usually located on the left side of the door frame when you open it) and it shows all the parts for your dishwasher to select.

  24. I would argue that the formula seating position is far more comfortable for long term sessions (but that's just my opinion). As for the profile, sure it's maybe overbuilt, but that also means I won't ever have to worry about rigidity. Additionally, it's not as big as it looks in pictures (5ft long, 2ft wide)

  25. Do you have experience sitting in the formula position for a long period of time?

  26. How is it? I’m trying to decide between the seat part or just buying a Titan for when I get my man cave built.

  27. I recently purchased the rear seat frame as well and love it. I left off the brackets that attach to the Apex wheel stand to the rear seat frame and put casters on both the wheel stand and the rear seat frame. This allows the rig to stay in 2 pieces and I can put it away when not it use. Just something to consider if you have limited space or want the option to put the rig in a closet when not in use.

  28. Did you actually bother to save this comment or come back to find it just to leave this reply? Rent free I say. I'm feeling fine thinking about 6 rings in 17 years, thanks for asking. 77-45-1

  29. Cowboy fans live in the past too.

  30. That’s cool, I’ll play passively until I learn how you guys play, then try and blend in with it. 3s are about meshing up for sure. And once I know you I’m def down for the shit talk haha

  31. Tim's friend here. More info about us can be found here:

  32. but there are 4 states of matter... and I DO NOT want to find out about plasma coming out of someones butt

  33. There are five States of matter. Can't forget about the Bose-Einstein condensate!

  34. Anderson is better than Kaepernick. Let's not forget he brought the browns to the playoffs. Not to mention Kaepernick's 40 time significantly deceased because all that kneeling destroyed those knees. I'd happily stick with noodle arm Peterman before entertaining the idea of bringing in Kaepernick.

  35. It was weird how Allen ran into him on the sideline like 2 or 3 plays earlier and he "didn't move" so there was a collision. They exchange some words. Then Judon does this shit.

  36. I thought the exact same thing

  37. Where is the credit card reader for microtransactions?

  38. Settle for battlelore? It beats memoir 44 in my opinion. I'd recommend trying 7 wonders duel or desert island

  39. I recommend getting between the shadows asap. I got it last print run and it looks to be sold out everywhere at this point. Who knows if ffg will do another print run.

  40. I would recommend getting all the deluxe expansions minus balance of the force first.

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