Frothing Berserker cries out for Donald Trump during the events of January 6th.

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  1. Can we take the shipping tray with it?

  2. I don’t care abt what anyone says, the El saving Max scene was an ass pull. They should have either killed off Max entirely, or not had her almost-die twice.

  3. Before Mike's speech. I thought El was going to be forced to abandon Max to save her own life.

  4. I’m in the same boat. Been going back and forth with support for days. They claim I don’t exist in the steam version of the game. Provided all my details. Even transaction ids for my purchase. No dice. I know they don’t care but if my old stuff is gone I’m not trusting Epic with future purchases.

  5. your clever attempt to deceive me.

  6. Bunch of savages in this town.

  7. They're both in the wrong. When I was a kid. If I whispered about an adult to their face like Mike did with El. I can't imagine the shit I'd get into.

  8. All accurate. Except the tucked in shirts. That’d never happen.

  9. Is this being stretched? Or does the iOS beta support this resolution natively?

  10. The Zero holy grails. CR and FB. On the same shelf 🤯

  11. Not only is that number low on the Blizzard scale. It’s completely made up by a analytics firm. They have no way to prove if it’s true or not. Just a guesstimate.

  12. Not blocked. But if you are. Does it really bother you? If so, I think Mike is living in your head rent free.

  13. Glad to see I'm not the only one who spent all weekend playing TMNT

  14. We live in a reality where Cody Rhodes left AEW and went back to WWE and Sasha most likely is going to jump to AEW....

  15. You think so? I'd expect her to give Hollywood a try full-time.

  16. Can you post a codepen example?

  17. Can anyone post a mirror? SoundCloud, Spotify are down.

  18. SoundCloud is down this morning.

  19. What wallpaper is that?

  20. I’ll never understand how the Looney Toons fad started or why it was so popular. But for a brief period this kind of stuff was everywhere.

  21. Still waiting for Zero Sugar Code Red...

  22. I always cringe at the end when Michael says he’s gonna tell his dad who was a known beater of his children and wife.


  24. The whole premise is the worst.

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