1. Pumpking from southern tier is the best pumpkin beer by far but hard on the wallet...

  2. Is it expensive to buy out of where it’s made ?

  3. Southern Tier Warlock #1, Elysian Dark o the Moon #2 for me. Too bad Southern Tier doesn't distribute to the West Coast anymore.

  4. I didn’t even know ST was all over the place, there main brewery is in my city.

  5. Last 5 months is oddly specific. Not this year, not past month....5 months. If you had the best beer you ever had in your life 6 months ago, keep it to yourself.

  6. Well I wanted it the that time period because if you had your best beer 3 years ago it might not be around for someone else to try. This way most beers are still around than came out 5 months ago

  7. I’ve tried several top shops in Buffalo these are the best imo

  8. Chinese food places always have the best wings

  9. What dishes are the best from Home Taste? I've heard Peking Quick One is also good, how do they compare?

  10. I’ve tried both honestly home taste is better overall and I normal get the fried chicken with dried peppers sooo good

  11. I’ve tried 2 re releases today the cold brew and iced macchiato and both weren’t good imo kinda a let down. I’m going to give the ice PSL a chance in a few days after the barista get use to making them again.

  12. Where are you generally located? I might be able to help u out

  13. You might want to share this on “(716) sevenonesix car culture” Facebook page it might help grow your subreddit.

  14. I just went to Toronto also this past weekend was downtown Toronto in about a hour and 40 minutes my best advice is to use WAZE and leave Buffalo early in the morning like 6am if possible and you’ll avoid most of the traffic

  15. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Channellock-4-in-1-SAE-Ratcheting-Wrench-Set-841S/203418802

  16. I know a lot of people probably won’t agree with this but if I were you I’d honestly ask him to leave and tell him it’s getting outta hand that if it continues you’ll get a trespassing order against him and if it continues that call the cops and follow thru with it and it should keep him away. In ny we’d handle this a completely different way iykyk

  17. Not at all. I’m just saying unfortunately in ny we Handle things a bit different the crime rates speak for themselves 😂

  18. I was just in Toronto and asked this question a few times on here and these are the main responses I got I’ve tried 2 from this list and really enjoyed the library the most. These are roasters also and I’m a coffee enthusiast so I know good coffee to bad abs Here are the main ones that kept getting recommended.

  19. What’s the best all purpose electric grinder under 1K usd?

  20. Don’t go to la divina. Worst food I’ve had in wny to date. Try hombre instead

  21. Larry’s Folly in Parkdale for great coffee and amazing baking. I used to live in France and this is the closest I’ve found to French-quality croissants in Toronto.

  22. Do you know if they roast there own coffee ?

  23. What do you normally get ? I’m considering checking this place out

  24. Thank you and the hours are only 9am- 2 pm or those are just the hours to call between

  25. I think to call between them times not sure I found that info on google sorry

  26. Ok so they updated the process here’s the update info. Please call 716-898-5293 Monday-Friday, between 9:00am-5:00pm to schedule a visitation appointment. I’m going to assume the cost hours are the same

  27. You’ll probably see a lot of recommendations for Gabriel gate and Bar bill.

  28. Based on the OP, I would suggest Forno Napoli on Sweet Home for a Neapolitan style pizza.

  29. Have you had alibaba kebab if so what’s better ? I’m debating on going to either place

  30. Really? I've heard nothing but good things about them

  31. I’ve been there a few times. The last time I got food poisoning.

  32. Here’s a few of my favorites in not particular order

  33. What’s your favorite pre grounded coffee to buy ? Thinking of getting a bag to keep around just in case I run short on time I mainly make pour overs and areo press.

  34. How do you usually drink this one ? I have never had a high proof tequila yet

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