1. Police are completely useless for this type of thing. They will do nothing.

  2. The police exist to protect capital and not a whole lot else.

  3. I hate how this sub has become a hate circle jerk Jesus Christ

  4. Ok but what do these posts accomplish other than hate mongering

  5. Why post this tbh. Yes the internet is full of bigots, all this is accomplishing is making queer folk who view it upset.

  6. PSA for other Trans people to avoid it, with receipts.

  7. And the target audience is who? The goal of this is to what? Just spread negativity?

  8. you are... Penelope Gross! (first "random article" wikipedia page that was a person)

  9. Can you even read the words on these headlines in this pixelated ass deep fried picture

  10. You can’t say nothing nowadays without ppl thinking everything is racist. Bunch of snowflakes we have now. Canada is not like before.. I’m all for inclusiveness but we shouldn’t have to hold our tongues in order to not hurt others feeling

  11. I said nothing about race idk what groups he’s talking about

  12. Yarrrrr har harrrr I be a pirate harrr har harrrr here be me chest of golden doubloons

  13. Grumbies when they see bumbies (they hate silk sounding sounds)

  14. Normal brownies don’t get you high dummy

  15. I thought he was doing the nirvana song then uh

  16. God forbid it bite ya, don’t let it bite ya

  17. This is some Facebook user horny posting what is happening to this sub

  18. I mean it’s true “haha sex” is boring

  19. Film and TV stuff eh? Wheel of Time and…?

  20. I’ve been telling y’all since the dollhouse, jerma has that Shmeat

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