1. Reminds me of my girlfriend fucking a white guy overseas.

  2. Do it. Post something like that against them. Don't play waiting game bro. They'll never learn n will portray us bad.

  3. You don't need to get provoked by anyone's stupid comments on our religion. It is as simple as that. Just keep preaching everyone around you about it.

  4. Wtf? That's fake yamuna ka haal dekha kabhi dilli me aake?

  5. Khichdi wala Prasad milta hai abhi bhi ya band kar dia ? It's been a while since I have been here.

  6. Ab prasad bnd hai, चरणामृत मिलता है।

  7. This is a Pseudo war they're having with us in the support of secularism n it's an all part of gajwa e hind shit they dream of. We need to fight back or it's already too late.

  8. If The majority community of this Country will sleep like this and don't care then it's possible.

  9. Maculay education has kept us sleeping since it's introduction

  10. Leftists, khalistanis, bangladeshis, anti nationals, maoists.. n what not. And most importantly A JAYCHAND gene 😤

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