1. I joined the army reserve after the Corps, got my first AAM, showed up for the 1pm formation comfortable from booze-- I didn't know I was getting one.

  2. I am so proud of those Marines. Persons known or persons unknown decided to screw their leaders as hard as they screwed them. They kept their mouths short, every one of them, over the many rumors and jokes about who took or hid them.

  3. Since I got anniversary edition, and had the issue the second time through with Goldenhills breaking, I go to Riverwood, then run past the stables at Whiterun and across to Goldenhills and make sure that will work, then back to the stables and over to markarth because you can save Margret at first level fairly easily

  4. Prior to 2005 most larger police (and fire) departments were great. 20 year defined benefit retirements, and they could buy their military time credit.

  5. They did not break up. Cam saw Joss making eyes at Dex, and then Joss had sex with Cam, for the second time ever, after declaring what they mean.

  6. They are like little cockroaches in lockstep. One decides to be a keyboard warrior (wokester) in mommie's basement and spew the latest hate the rest come racing in. Amazing it is so bad against christians and they're values.

  7. It is also possible that those attacking are trying to promote their own brand.

  8. Famously, US X Corps commander Ned Almond would have the senior staff to multi course dinners on fine china and silver.

  9. It is okay. The leads are good, the other cast is so-so. The script is pretty good most places. A lot of Christmas in a hot place. They help sick kids in the film, so any film with that as a plot element is going to get a lot of audience slack.

  10. Dante to Chase: "Sorry your girlfriend is screwing you over. That Esme chick is pretty hot. Or how about the new waitress at Kelly's?"

  11. Assistant DA to the Bar: "Yes, my report shows the DA pursued and executed a warrant himself to seize a necklace worth millions, then claims he took it to a bar and got drunk on shots, passed out, and lost it."

  12. These are the enlistment option codes. If you don't have this code in your enlistment contract, you don't have a job field 'guarantee' and the Corps can put you wherever. With a code, unless you screw up in training, you get one of the jobs under your code field.

  13. We went to a gunstore/rental gun range and they rotated purse sized guns for her. The one that felt the best for her, and she shot the best, was a Bersa.

  14. The chain of custody for the necklace now goes to the DA?

  15. Robert was on his way to deliver it to wsb

  16. A warrant is strictly to find evidence of a crime. We wrote it into our constitution to avoid the British habit of issuing every person with a government title a general warrant card.

  17. I was in DC for a while for business, and I went to the Legion Post in Alexandria, VA. Which is great, you guys should visit. The upstairs is like it was in the late 1700s, only with HVAC, and the bar is like a cool old veteran's basement.

  18. Different point of view of the statements on the Church leaders site:

  19. Cam and josslyn pairing has been boring since day one. Yes, sweet and innocent but they are very mismatched. I liked Dex/Joss kissing scene (yes I know, it was wrong for Joss to kiss someone while dating cam). I think I’m going to like Jex. Joss has such disdain for Sonny and all he stands for. Let’s see how Joss spins the fact that Dex is working for Sonny. She’ll be more like Carly than ever, making excuses for why it’s ok for the guy she likes works on the wrong side of the law.

  20. Never. Impossible. They’re Teflon. And they always have men who save them and friends who are loyal to them. The people around them are the only victims. Nothing bad that happens to them is lasting. That’s why Morgan is rarely mentioned by his mother.

  21. Joss's knee hurt enough to keep her out of the made up greatest volleyball university ever in Florida.

  22. Pete Ellis. He foresaw the entire Pacific war, including the island goals and most of the beaches themselves. Force structure, all of it.

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