1. There is no ED or anything at GH. Just wander the prospective patient down a random hallway until you see the only psychiatrist.

  2. My first play through after buying anniversary edition I stopped because of the dragon attacks. They were showing up at the towns killing questgivers.

  3. I received a notice letter from the VA about my wife last fall, as well. My only wife. Married the entire time I have pulled benefits. No reason at all, but the VA sent me an intent to discontinue married benefits unless I proved we were still together.

  4. On one hand I get it. Laura as Carly is their main star now. And Steve/Jason was going to be her almost lover pushing Sonny firmly into Nina's bed, and Jason would be Carly's champion and bedmate thereafter.

  5. Nina proving she's smarter than these idiots trying to screw her

  6. This is why Nina since Cynthia came in is better. She can do more subtle things. OG NIna would be running down the MC hallway smashing things and chewing on the chairs

  7. Yes please arrest Linc or just kill him off. I hate the character and his storyline.

  8. Now they have Vanessa talking about the past for some time to Christmas tree lights, facing 1/3 away from the LI, in a monotone. He is standing there with a blank look.

  9. Shut the fuck up, do exactly as you're told and don't deviate the slightest from it.

  10. This person gives good advice. Prior to this week you could have worked on memorizing some crap to get ahead of the game a little, and some targeted exercises.

  11. Esme may be looking for love, and thinks Nik could be the guy

  12. Friend of mine is a psychologist and forensic examiner (the guy who diagnoses if you were crazy when you committed a crime). Did his fellowship (residency) at a VA.

  13. Under the peace of Westphalia and the related and following treaties, officers have to lead lawful government armed forces. In most countries, those officers are issued a 'commission' by the ruler, or in the US by the Senate. It is a document naming them as appointed to office as a military officer.

  14. Esme's faces when she sees Nik and Ava could be one of two things (Frank does not do subtle).

  15. These shootings are fairly common in Metro Detroit the last 2 years. Mostly typically the criminal feels a dis because another driver is going too slow or in a lane they want to weave in or out of.

  16. Then Esme would have an even better reason to be the new Slayer

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