1. I just switched to the venu 2 from an Apple Watch about a month ago. So far I really like it

  2. I love the show, but I wish this sub wasn't political. 😔

  3. They're not politicizing the show, they're using jokes from the show to make political jokes. Though, also, joking about how much of a crook Trump is shouldn't really be seen as political. He's not president anymore.

  4. You're naked, there's a 14 year old girl, you're chasing a cat around, you've got cool whip...

  5. That's all it is. If they get a response of any kind, it's onto the database you go.

  6. Wow you must be great at parties.

  7. Why do you think you aren't attracted to match with someone with acceptable views? Let's address the root of the issue.

  8. exactly. there are plenty of people skeptical of trudeau's intentions, who've lost faith in the left, who are "centrists" or whatever, who vote conservative because they believe in their fiscal policy of not giving money to anyone but business owners (lol) and that's fine. it's another thing to go full ricardo, call trudeau a tyrant, believe the liberals to be fascists, and think they're putting shit in the water to make the freaking frogs gay.

  9. Well there actually was truth behind the frogs bit. As much as it was a hilarious soundbite the endocrine disruptors were actually changing the sex of the frogs.

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