Hurricane Ian - what 15 fr storm surge looks like (credit to Max Olson Chasing)

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  1. i wouldn't doubt people from rio de janeiro do that, seen as they put ketchup on their pizza

  2. the mormons don't drink, don't smoke, they're always walking around knocking on doors, i guess that makes a difference

  3. can we give it a robot body and bring back dodos?

  4. he's the man everyone sees in their dreams

  5. is this reversible to the southern hemisphere? is it girl season from october to february?

  6. Idk I prefer's so much better when a guys sucking me off I don't get hairs pulled or everywhere and when I'm sucking off a guy I don't get hair in my mouth or my eyes...legit its the best option

  7. idk, i think shaved makes it look like a raw chicken breast

  8. support brazil by making portugal give us back our gold

  9. 0 patience for bridezillas, cut her off

  10. I’ve always wondered why in Dubai and these oil rich countries in the Middle East have decided to build out into the water instead of bringing canals and other passages for water into the land. Is this just me or anyone else think about this?

  11. kuwait is building a city like that

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