1. No one in NATO (with the exception of Hungary) accepts these terms. The US begins to sanction China when it becomes clear the CCP are providing arms to Russia, along with a significant part of the Pacific Naval fleet moving towards Taiwan, along with the Australian, Japanese, and Philippine navies as well.

  2. with english sunlight nonetheless

  3. ah the eurocentrism to think earth was bleeding when latin america was just chilling

  4. have white people being banned from going places or suffered target attacks from the police?

  5. See and I just figured they had some weird pronunciation they were accounting for. Like maybe they say oofamism or something.

  6. english isn't my first language and i have no idea how "yoo" isn't considered a vowel sound but i've just learned something new hahah

  7. is vintage bun divider an euphemism for sugar daddy?

  8. why do they have a swimming pool in a publishers office?

  9. Very familiar with her in the US. She's been in at least one Hollywood movie that I can think of off the top of my head, and at least one of her songs is on the sountrack for GTA V.

  10. she's the green fairy in moulin rouge

  11. A spaniard started cursing because he was almost run over thinking, foolishly, cars would cede him time to cross the street merely because he was a pedestrian.

  12. on the other way, when they complain about "jaywalking", i'm crossing the streets and making eye contact to the drivers to dare them to run me over

  13. When an argument comes out of nowhere, ask "are you yelling at me, or to me?"

  14. If there's any yelling at all that's already a red flag, if someone can't even control their volume when they're upset they're not mature enough

  15. Isn't child marriage super common with the Mormons and other religious fundamentalists?

  16. Canada is too cold and the UK is collapsing

  17. Technically the alphabet can be in any order, we're just taught it a certain way because of the song rhyme..

  18. Do you think the world has being using the alphabetical order for centuries because of a song in English? Tell me you're a gringo without telling me

  19. fogo é padre mexendo com criança, isso aí é só um pedaço de papel

  20. Parabéns intolerantes, agora façam um ataque ao islamismo pra nós ver .

  21. faz você se tá tão incomodado

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