1. well, i've yet to encounter someone who isn't happy on molly

  2. mas pelo menos o bruno covas pode brincar de prefeito antes de morrer e deixar a cidade na mão do nunes

  3. what is it with him being catholic? is this the 16th century?

  4. you need to boil cauliflower in milk so it doesn't stink up the house

  5. do you think he takes classes with lea michelle?

  6. i'm all for killing imperialists

  7. that's not what i was expecting after the album cover

  8. With Latin America marching towards socialists governments in large steps, I hope they won't help Bolsonaro interfere with the elections that he's gonna lose here in Brazil....

  9. let's hope for a huge crisis in the US so they'll be distracted and let Squid be elected

  10. a moderately leftist leader who doesn't automatically complies with the US*

  11. sometimes in brazil we just laugh kkk and see the gringos freaking out

  12. make the kangaroo shoot lasers from its eyes

  13. i can't tell if this article is meant to be so mean or if it's just the dutch being dutch

  14. isn't this just normal around the world?

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