Mark Cuban: Dogecoin Has More Applications Than Cardano

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  1. Think we need more parrotfish poop from chewed up coral reefs not all sand is the same i guess

  2. Floodgates, negates, and handtraps I’ve seen some truly absurd 1st and 2nd turn combos. 40 cards competitive decks built on meta or some plan/gimmick

  3. Carbon neutrality, tokenized real estate, and I like the passive gains so far

  4. Just have to steal everyone else’s share of the earth, but at the same time promote overpopulation for political chaos making it easier to divide and conquer.

  5. Anyone that opens a free chest has a debuff applied that causes double damage from boulders

  6. My approach would be to list out all the delusional shit humans believe in

  7. So can your player standing on a corner get picked up by npcs and paid after the deed? Like male characters can pick up npcs on street corners

  8. Criminal conspiracy wish they would use RICO like going after the mob and other organized crime

  9. dlm says:

    I just unsubbed from there because it was getting to my mental health and now I’ve gotta drop anticonsumption too.

  10. Wouldn’t ask her out directly at work handing her a slip of paper with your name and number no drama no direct answer necessary you will know if you get a text or call make it as low stress as possible it’s hard to say what’s the right call

  11. That other family should be contacted so that they can also sue that hospital if nothing else.

  12. Wanted magical creatures and exotic realms hidden in plain sight for immersive world building

  13. In game gold and item NFTs anything else would feel predatory And exploitative

  14. Carbon footprint it’s up to the individual to save the world

  15. Every article that will be coming out over the next few years is going to be about how it’s “worse than we realize.”

  16. If humanity is capable of anything it’s lying and deluding ourselves into dragging on the suffering for decades.

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