1. They did. It is literally so gross either way around. Someone more than twice your age? 🤮

  2. 😂 realize that men do not change. Even when they are old. Either enjoy whatever fun he brings but accept he is not your forever man. Find someone who is more self aware with better communication skills.

  3. I should also probably mention, she was trying to say I must of never of loved her as much as I said and lead on 🤔

  4. It was 7 months. How can it be everlasting love? 😂 Yall didn't even make it out of the honeymoon phase. Y'all were just a bad match.

  5. Don't worry about what she says about you. Just do what you're gonna do and let your actions speak for themselves.

  6. You feel guilty and hesitate to tell her bc you are either afraid of losing her, afraid of hurting her, or both. Totally valid.

  7. I’m definitely afraid of both of those things. The reason she initially broke up with me is because her mental health was rapidly declining at the time, and we are long distance so she explained that the pressure was too much. Now that we’re talking again, I just feel guilty about the whole tinder thing, but I also feel like I shouldn’t because at the end of the day, I never met up with the girls and I blocked them as soon as her and I started on the path of reconciliation. I just more or less have a feeling of how she’ll react and I’m battling with the ideas that I should be an open book, but also she broke up with me so do I really have to tell her? You know what I mean?

  8. Yeah, I get it. And even if you were the one to break up wit her, it isn't her business what you did unless yall are having unprotected sex for health/safety reasons.

  9. I honestly don't see the point of marriage anymore. Why would I subject myself to that when it's easier to leave if/when a guy starts treating me poorly? 😂 I'd like to be able to pack up and leave when needed. Not be dragged through years long hearings to dissolve what is only his last ditch attempt to fuck me over.

  10. So you're moving across the country with a person who can't even do something to benefit themselves and you but you question yourself on being too pushy? How about we see it as they are being too pushy with their lack of respect and consideration of you and your needs.

  11. Set the boundary of 'I don't discuss those topics this early with anyone" and then let him know you don't want to continue seeing him.

  12. I got paper. Labeled each one as 1-5 and then wrote numbers down. It's an absolute PITA.

  13. Wait for the breakup to be settled. Then see him in a few months. You can't run from one guy to the next as you will be comparing them both so often it will tarnish the relationship.

  14. His reaction was overboard. And it sounds like you also let him think him getting a dog was okay to begin with.

  15. The colonizing of the Americas. Mostly the north as I admittedly have no knowledge on the souths history.

  16. The colonisation of the south was wayy more brutal;especially when the Spanish/Portuguese straight away found gold and went on to treat the South America’s as their personal gold mine whereas the people colonising the north were more people fleeing persecution(at least in the beginning)

  17. Jesus, that's awful! They don't teach us about that in our schools here. Or at least not in the area where I grew up.

  18. man tbh i was bummed when the dinosaurs (without mods, i’m on switch) were so tiny. i get it, they live in a coop but… still lol.

  19. Same. I fully expected them to go in the barn and get tamed by my mad petting skills each day.

  20. Paths will stop grass and other things like stones and braches from spawning. It looks like a lightning storm may have taken out one of your crops, though. Since the space was empty, a fiber plant spawned there.

  21. Everyone arguing about 365 days in a year... but like let's just do the extra days and call it 336 days a year. 😂

  22. No, New Year’s Day is now counted as 0/1/2023 Aka it’s not in a month, instead a floating day that is also not part of the week.

  23. From my Psychologist: “Women think men will change, they don’t. Men think women won’t change, they do.”

  24. It's so very true. I wish I had learned it sooner. Can't love the potential of a person long term.

  25. The bag can be any goal or thing you are trying accomplish from my understanding from my Gen Z sister. 😂

  26. It’s about personal preference I wouldn’t be able to but others can do as they want

  27. She has no idea what she's missing out on. A man that has first hand knowledge of the female anatomy? Sign me up!

  28. I like some of taylor swift's song but they will never find out. Never

  29. i told a friend & he made fun of me for being depressed

  30. That's not a friend. That's some shit stuck to your shoe. Wipe him off in the grass where he belongs. I'm so sorry someone treated you like at such a vulnerable time. ☹️

  31. Oh have to look into that. I geuss probably shouldn't stay with her if that's the case.

  32. Here is a good resource to read up on the different types. It's a broad spectrum and varies.

  33. Good luck! There are people out there like you and you CAN have a totally fulfilling relationship that suits you and your partner. I wish you the best of luck!

  34. Where is that indoor pond thing table on the right from? Is it a mod? 🥹

  35. I went to the island and kinda forgot about him, sorry sebby maybe if he was a parrot...

  36. Too bad they don't have the ability to call your spouse on the phone.

  37. Dang, Girl! You talk like that, and there is no way I going to be vulnerable any where near you!

  38. Recognizing that men are constantly told to man up????

  39. I wouldn't say it's constant, and it's usually said by women in my experience. It's also a bit insulting to be told that men are not as happy as say gay men because we repress our emotions and take out that repression on other people, we kinda have a lot of things to be upset about and it's ok if we express an emotion outside of glee sometimes. I'm pretty in tune with my emotions, doesn't exactly make me happier or more satisfied with my life.

  40. I'm sure there is! I just can't figure out how to make it work with a MacBook. And switch, which I mostly play on, doesn't have the ability for mods. 🥲

  41. I have a mod that makes artisan goods match their origin product. It’s so cute! Made the game a whole lot easier since I can now tell which is which

  42. Like the pickles and jams look like whatever ingredient made them? That sounds amazing! And useful indeed.

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