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  1. Not the winning argument you think it is. Especially considering the Biden administration is literally arming neonazis in Ukraine.

  2. You need to look at getting your information from unbiased reputable sources, and stop listening to propaganda. Start with BBC and Associated Press apps, and do some reading on logic and reasoning. Russia is not our friend, and supporting Putin is not a good look for you.

  3. BBC “Run by the extremist Patriot of Ukraine organisation, which considers Jews and other minorities "sub-human" and calls for a white, Christian crusade against them, it sports three Nazi symbols on its insignia: a modified Wolf's Hook, a black sun (or "Hakensonne") and the title Black Corps, which was used by the Waffen SS. Azov is just one of more than 50 volunteer groups fighting in the east, the vast majority of which are not extremist, yet it seems to enjoy special backing from some top officials:”

  4. Now review the Russian military units that are still committing war crimes in Syria and elsewhere.

  5. But If you must have an EV, get one from a reputable manufacturer like Hyundai, Volkswagen, BMW, Nissan, Honda, MINI, etc. (Renault if you are in the EU). Price competitive and they don’t scream MAGA like his Apartheid Pintos do. They also don’t autonomously take off at high speed, run over people, then burst into flames with their occupants trapped inside, so there’s that, too.

  6. I, for one, welcome the arrival of our robot overlords. /s

  7. I think you meant to say that Cadet “Bone Spurs” proudly fought to not fight for his country.

  8. “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me” was directed at assholes like Musk.

  9. Every President since Nixon has voluntarily released their tax returns, in an effort at financial transparency, to make clear any possible sources of conflict of interests. The Orange Cheeto can’t do this, because everything about him is corrupt and a conflict of interest.

  10. This is what happens when the inmates run the asylum. He’s a rich daddy’s boy who has been shielded from consequences his whole life, because of his wealth. Let him burn it all down; he’s incapable of seeing that he is responsible for all of the bad things that are happening to him and his companies.

  11. First off, he was an US Army Ranger, not a Major. And second, fuck you, Jack.

  12. He was a Major, that was his rank when he got out. Ranger is a school and for some a job but not a rank

  13. I stand corrected; I thought I heard “ranger” on the CBS News report I heard, but it was major.

  14. Repugs absolutely DGAF about the hypocrisy. As long as you’ve got that (R), you’re golden.

  15. While this has been fascinating to watch, I am convinced that this is a deliberate plan to destroy Twitter and shut it down. I mean everything he is doing is exactly what you would do to completely drive all users away.

  16. Fuck her and all of the reich-wing “Whatabout-isms”.

  17. Mighty bold assumption there. I’m 100% confident that Hershel has the self awareness of a large rock.

  18. I’m a little slow on the uptake here; what is this supposed to mean?

  19. Because you just need a high school diploma or GED, and with our current education system, that means no real critical thinking skills, and no ability to determine what valid sources of information or peer-reviewed publications are.

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