Man attacks women but gets humbled

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  1. Definitely her material instinct that woke her up. Imagine sleeping with that thing on your face?

  2. Nobody gonna say anything about the nurse taking care of the first guy?

  3. I always say it. A living punk is much better than a dead hero.

  4. One thing I learned at the academy was, don't EVER get COMPLACENT! How can you arrest a guy (who shot someone) without searching him? Rookie mistake!

  5. This video is crazy and all but it’s getting irritating seeing all of the reposts.

  6. Trilogy is coming according to Diana White. You are delusional if you think Edwards is better than Usman based on that one little mistake. Usman was clearly winning the fight if it wasn't for that unfortunate mistake. Congratulations to you Edwards and enjoy that belt for as long as you can.

  7. The guy always get a pass...why is that? I never understood that.

  8. From what I learn, you wanna be honest but not too honest to the point where someone wouldn't give you a chance to get to know you. I have a friend who's married to a woman with 3 kids. She didn't tell him she had that "many" kids until they were further into the relationship and my friend had already caught feelings. She had everything he was looking in a woman and he confessed he would've swiped left if he knew she had 3 kids.

  9. The catfish and dickpick denials were a bit "im not like the other guys" vibes to me. Didn't also not really say anything special about himself in the first big paragraph. Didn't even say what kind of music. Sounds like a guy with a big mouth and not much substance to me.

  10. His profile clearly says he likes Rock Music...come on.

  11. Yeah that is really saying nothing imo. Like, at least a bandname or subgenre if you are that into music as your primary hobby? Dunno.

  12. You are just being picky. He has enough info to strike up a conversation like what "bandname or subgenre" are you into?

  13. Trust me, crying in a Lamborghini is better than in a Prius.

  14. "You have no hair sweetie " really got him 😅🤣😂

  15. ROFL 🤣😂🤣😂 I had to rewind that like 70 times... dude looked serious too!

  16. After that first hit he puts up his hands in slow-mo to just stand still and get hit by the next 2 that put him out hh

  17. I mean he had no chance against the Kung-fu Master 😅

  18. I am assuming electronic was not part of the deal?

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