1. Hi! Same problem!!! Passport got returned to DC while we applied from NYC! Did you successfully retrieve your passport?

  2. Yes, I went to the VFS DC office to ask for my passport and retrieved it. I couldn't contact VFS any other way so it was the best option and it worked. But the staff there did tell me that if I hadn't come to find it, they would've just emailed/contacted me to send them a revised paid label to ship it to the new NYC office. Hope they do that for you!

  3. May I know when did you drive to DC? Several days later or right after it's delivered? We still can't get in touch with VFS DC and our car just got an accident. Seriously thinking if we shall rent a car and drive 8 hours to DC 😓😂

  4. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that! Hope you're okay though. My passport arrived at the DC office on a Friday, and I went the following Monday. I still haven't heard from VFS since I first reached out, if that helps in how responsive they are.

  5. Hi! Do you mind answering what happened after they routed yours to VFS DC? How did you know it was VFS? Mine has ended up in DC after UPS told me my only option was to have it returned, but so far I have no confirmation of where it actually is, other than UPS telling me this morning that it was returned to the company that created the shipping label. Thanks!

  6. I called UPS, they told me the address, I looked it up, and saw that it was at the VFS DC Office. I imagine this is the same for you as I was told the same - that the package returns to the originator of the label (I bought via VFS), not the return address noted on the label (me). I actually went to VFS DC to pick-up my passport in-person (I just showed up with my labels) but what I was told there was that they would just reach out to you and ask that you send them a prepaid label to return it back. I couldn't contact VFS DC or really, anyone at VFS globally (they all provided generic responses that were not helpful), so I just went in-person. Hope this helps!

  7. Thanks! You haven't received any kind of notification from VFS? I have tried contacting them through Facebook and an email address we found, asking them to confirm if they received it, and that they not return it to me, but handle it as they normally would after receiving it.

  8. No, never heard from VFS, which is why I just went in person to find my passport. You can call UPS to check where it was confirmed to be received at (they may or may not tell you). If it got accepted by the front desk at VFS DC, they will have it. When they reach out to you about sending a new label is another question. Unfortunately it’s really difficult to reach VFS and I haven’t been successful, so can’t provide any insight or advice on that. I do hope you hear from them soon as I imagine they’ve received a lot of packages that were shipped to the VFS DC office. You’re definitely not the only one with a passport redirected to the DC office!

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