1. Looks like some of them from a boat prop.... could be wrong, don't crucify me 🙏

  2. If he fought a boat propeller and won, that’s still pretty badass in my book

  3. Might of been a tie, the boat prop likely didn't have any damage

  4. From his perspective he is freeing the birds, but in reality that vendor now has more incentive to capture/breed/cage even more birds.

  5. By your logic we shouldn’t stop rapists from raping someone cause they’ll only be hornier and more incentivized to rape. Might as well let them get one and done?

  6. Appreciate the write up but that leap in thinking is asinine.

  7. The same thing happened to me but it was a pile of wet slush. I had to remove the frunk liner and reach in with some epoxy glue and glue it back down.

  8. Yes sir. Seems to have held overnight. I used gorilla glue (something faster would have been better), but opened the frunk and had to reach way in there. Took 2 attempts but ended up sticking some microfiber towels between the sensor and the fog light to keep it pushing while the glue dried. Car seems happy with the parking assist too 🙏

  9. Seriously pay to have it moved correctly.

  10. Probably would have been like 30-50$ too. Crazy he is risking life and limb to save that after likely spending 350$ on the cabinet. 👏

  11. Lookin like channel 3 when you didn’t have cable

  12. Which turns out Is background radiation from the big bang

  13. It's crazy to think at those speeds the water might as well be concrete, so it's like a 300 mph airplane/sled that is continously bouncing into the ground.....oh yeah, and the ground has ripples/waves. I'll pass

  14. Any day now... I've been saying it every day I lose money.

  15. Ooh. The white trim makes it look like Christmas instead of a bloodbath.

  16. I agree, he always exaggerates/lies about the time-line of the products. To say I'm disappointed in his behavior would be an understatement (just pointing out I'm not a musk-a-teer). I know several people with tesla roofs, so that part is actually a reality....as for the hyperloop it seems stupid for most applications, still I'd rather visionary billionaires instead of the conventional type.

  17. Could be but looks little more distant... either way bet they knew each other.

  18. seems like an 'old' body would have been much more rigid ? Either way, humans should not be up there.

  19. Yeah I don't think we would see that same posturing with his arm moving as it did if he were frozen solid. Could be wrong 🤷‍♂️

  20. How do they dishonor it? Wave it high and wide! The dead are the most American band ever.

  21. You misunderstood me(or I wasn't clear enough). I love the dead, nothing wrong with that sticker. It's the modified American flags that technically go against "flag code".

  22. Oh no I was just genuinely curious as to what you meant. I agree the dead are the best and people need to understand that Everyone is free to love the music regardless of political beliefs..And a true dead head is a good person regardless of whether they are liberal or conservative.. People are missing the point that a lot of what the dead embodied originally is now considered conservative.

  23. I keep hearing persistent colloquial statements on EVs from people I know who definitely lean more right:

  24. As an EV proponent, I hear about Cobalt and environmental destruction (and the Grid) all day long, While they ignore the devastation that oil/gas exploration does. Granted I get joy from going on right-leaning platforms and killing them with facts. (Be warned if you try this: some of them are 100% immune to any data or facts).

  25. They will say...."but what about cobalt and child labor".... im just playing devils advocate, I'm already sold on EVs and green energy.

  26. The family I see is consistently at the ralphs shopping center directly across from cal state san marcos.

  27. How do you know cameraman race? Could be term of endearment

  28. not sure, something about red shit talking about the sister of a friend for asian guy

  29. Oooh, hot Asian sister routine. He was dishonored in his fight performance.... Hope his friends sister nurses him back to fighting shape.

  30. Read the article, car rolled up, three people got out and started shooting.

  31. That's a first I've heard of something like this.... and 3 shooters could only get 5/6? Sounds like more of a targeted gang assassination but what do I know.

  32. Only an American could argue the correct semantics of a killing spree at this point.

  33. We've finally become the proper world authority on something! Brazilians have jiu-jitsu, Americans have school-shutz-you.

  34. Yea, but you mostly have to be over it, and by that time, you may have "found it" the hard way.

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