1. Don't worry about the general attitude of this sub. Plenty of people find the PO to be an enjoyable, or at least tolerable, job. The position does require a certain mindset and plenty of willpower to succeed but it is completely doable.

  2. Yes, plenty. Heads up comes to mind as a super obvious example.

  3. When it gets too difficult you should try to get some help on co-op.

  4. Is this the only rock crawling trail in this game? It looks cool but it's the same trail from the previous video, right?

  5. Nah it’s just my favourite crawling trail lol I should do another one though, I love this one for all the variety in the stuff you climb. But I should record another clip trail 👍🏻 Apologies :)

  6. No problem. I was just curious as I've never played the game. It looks fun!

  7. Really? Great? It's good at best. There's no work lights on the rear for working at night, the fact you cant use a tow strap for pulling and still run the winch too is stupid for offroading, no ability to air down tires for better traction during mudding, steering is janky and camera angle is rough depending on your trailer.

  8. I have many complaints about the game, including some of the stuff you've mentioned. However, I've still probably wasted more time on this game than any other in the last 10 years. I don't think it's perfect by any stretch but I do find it to be great.

  9. Yes, this. Also the reason why I dont use mods at all.

  10. I've never experienced a problem with my friends on Playstation and PC. However, my Xbox pals seem to have lots of problems.

  11. For some reason the stage mix is my least favorite mix on all their albums post WTF. it sound almost “muddy”. I loved how clear all the instruments sounded on HTTK.

  12. I know it's not a popular opinion, but I completely agree about the stage. I feel like if the mixing was more like Nightmare or HTTK then I would appreciate the album a lot more. Don't get me wrong, it is an awesome album, but the drums and guitars need more punch.

  13. Hail to the king is a fucking great album.

  14. Not very unpopular since it's one of their most sold albums

  15. I have no idea what any of their albums have sold. I do view the album as their least creative. Still, it's an exceptional offering.

  16. Do it. I put $100 on the Giants in 2010 to win it all. Made for a very fun season.

  17. so I can also just buy the PS4 version and upgrade for free to the PS5 version?

  18. Yes. I bought the PS4 version and upgraded to the PS5 version on the PSN.

  19. Honestly, I don't know. I platinumed the game on release and only recently downloaded the PS5 version. I guess it looks a little better but plays the same.

  20. Yeah, my group taught me this last week.

  21. The main riff from Bat County has always stood out to me. It is a very odd chord progression that they somehow made work within the context of the song. Nothing short of brilliant.

  22. My favorite A7X song period. I'm glad you gave it some love.

  23. You're using caps like in the wasteland?

  24. If you're going to add it you may as well go the whole way and say you started off with a small deposit and built that into 6 figures playing in some of the toughest games in the world, implementing complex and in depth strategies that you learned from thousands of hours of disciplined study. Say you learnt invaluable money management skills, discipline, the ability to maintain laser focus 10 hours deep into an intense session etc etc. Just bs it

  25. I'm gonna need you to spice up my resume. Great job!

  26. I like number 2 better. It just seems to flow a bit better to me.

  27. I've only heard this in reference to scenario "A." I've never even heard of the second option until now.

  28. I don't look at this as a cash grab but rather playing homage to the greatest metal bassist that ever walked this earth.

  29. I absolutely love this song. I think the solo is one of Syns best with the incredible bends and lightning fast runs to finish. I also think that the "sad but true" comparison is highly overplayed. Great song. I have a feeling that this album will get a lot more love 10 years down the road.

  30. This guy is pretty good. He should start a band.

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