1. A lot of people are saying they’re losing money because of sales tax. But how could that be true, especially if you’re renting it? The sales tax will never be more than the house is worth. Is this just greedy people saying they’re not making as much profit as they expected before tax? Or what am I missing that makes it possible to actually lose money this way (other than a tenant demolishing the house)

  2. Maybe they mean property taxes? In my state, you lose your property tax homestead exemption after renting it out for two years. For me, that would double my property taxes, which are already equal to my mortgage payment each month. That could be a losing situation for some people.

  3. Can you explain the math here? I still don’t understand how you could pay more than the house is worth in property taxes or any kind of tax.

  4. A French person told me French toast is a dessert. Makes sense we Americans eat it for breakfast.

  5. I didn’t get a degree but by the end of college I was taking master’s level French classes and considered myself fluent. Didn’t use it for ten years. When I started relearning in October I couldn’t even remember how to conjugate avoir. Now I can conjugate in all the tenses and have full regular conversations with people. I’m on track to get to C1 this year. Great news is it comes back much much faster than it took to learn the first time! It’s been an interesting experience of knowing without knowing.

  6. I’ve noticed that apprendre and learn and teach is confusing for both English and French speakers. It’s because apprendre can mean both to teach or to learn. So English speakers are confused which one it’s saying. And francophones mixed up teach and learn because they are two entirely separate words in English but they struggle to see the difference.

  7. To say the in sound your lips should be like a smile almost except your teeth don’t touch, whereas the un sound your lips are more rounded. The in sound also comes from lower down on the tongue in your throat than the un sound. I think the lips should make the bigger difference though.

  8. “Learn French” is vague. Do you know what level you need to pass? C1 is very unrealistic.

  9. We used to make this as kids and it’s actually pretty tasty

  10. Alliance française is a world wide organization and they offer French classes

  11. Choose a composition that hides hands and feet lol Not that yours are bad! I avoid them and I swear other artists are doing it too

  12. Tu le nourris le matin? C’est pour ça. Il vaut mieux le nourrir la nuit.

  13. Felt sad and cried today. Then I put on mascara so I can’t cry anymore!

  14. More focus on helping the mental health issues. Stop putting the names of the shooters in magazines and on the front pages of news articles.

  15. Because I said they need more focus on it? Which could include giving more resources towards mental health programs. Your comment is not accurate.

  16. I work in mental health. They’re much more likely to be victims than perpetrators, and much more likely to suicide than murder.

  17. Paid Spotify also has lyrics in their original language...but I still can't keep up with Stromae's speed!

  18. Not all songs have the lyrics on the paid version

  19. I think this is a generational thing. I’ve heard gen-z loves them. But I don’t think older generations agree.

  20. Paid everything for my best friend to go on my first trip overseas with me. She was a bitch to me the whole time, left early, BLAMED me for taking her to Europe for free, and I want nothing to do with her anymore. Thousands of dollars I wasted on her.

  21. Definitely try it again and don't be afraid to go alone. I did that for about a year in Europe bopping around. Meet some people, maybe travel together for a day or two and then back on your own to the next city/country. It was great.

  22. I wasn’t afraid to go alone, that was my original plan. Even after I decided to bring her, it was only going to be for half the time. I met local people in every city I went to. I loved it so much I’m planning to move there now!

  23. I suggest that you focus on pronunciation, specifically phonetics as this helps you know how to say words which will train your ear to hear them as you know how to say them. Learning where your tongue, lips and jaw need to be to form a particular sound will increase your listening comprehension, and you will also be better understood when you speak. A lot of French classes gloss over pronunciation or just make you repeat it without teaching you how to make the sound properly. Sadly this means students' comprehension of spoken French doesn't develop.

  24. Phonetics is awesome! But nobody seems to want to learn about it. I think it’s the symbols that scare people off but who knows

  25. Arrêtes d’appeler tes parents lorsque tu te balades! Pour tous les phobies le remède est les affronter. Il faut te balader dans le forêt et avoir peur, puis peu à peu il se soulagera. Rappelle toi que rien ne t’est jamais passée. À mon avis, portant une bombe au poivre te fera concentrer sur la peur.

  26. The first is true, but the second is uncertain. (In modern French, a score of 0 in tennis is just zéro.)

  27. You sound confident in this. But how does French people saying zéro now mean love didn’t come from l’œuf? Un œuf looks like zéro, that’s the whole thing.

  28. No, I know that word already so I wouldn’t have stopped to look it up. Good thinking though!

  29. Awesome! Is that site like urban dictionary or something? Thank you!

  30. If you have a housing voucher already: union flats, union at the loop definitely accept it. Idk if my info is current for these ones but laurel glen, fox run, Heather woods, tamarind, cedarwood

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