1. Yeah, I was thinking that OP would ask us to clarify about specific features or functions but everyone is just offering design opinions. If English isn't their first language then it all makes sense, lol.

  2. I was first thinking they were confused about the back of the case. The material differs, the one on the case with the Kanagawa Wave Design is rubber like, while the other shells are hard plastic. My own case is also the Kanagawa Wave Design, but with a hard plastic background. And I have to say the Kindle went easier into the hard plastic ones compared to the rubber material (and it's getting less dusty because this material is quite the dust magnet).

  3. I might try to answer a few of these questions. Of course, take everything with a grain of salt since we don't have any 100% accurate answers to all of this.

  4. NSO is relatively cheap, but it's inexcusable for Nintendo to charge $20/year to play online when their online services are hot garbage 99% of the time and just about every game is peer-to-peer anyway (meaning the only legwork done by their servers is basic matchmaking in most cases)

  5. Nitendo is putting aggressively things behind NSO. If a game have some kind of Online feature, be sure they put it behind NSO. There is this little fellow in Kirby and the Forgotten Land who gives you your stats and worldwide stats if you ask him. This feature is locked behind NSO. I also asked myself if the Thieves Guild in Persona 5 is locked behind a Premium-Subscription on any other platform. Guess the question is answered now.

  6. Definitely a refurbished unit. I had this happen to me with a 1 week old Xbox 360. I was so pumped getting that console brand new, only to have the DVD drive die on me very shortly after. I sent it in and eventually received a refurbished unit with stains and a large crack in the back. I didn't even want to play Xbox for quite awhile after that lol.

  7. Same thing happened to me with my Kindle Paperwhite just recently. My battery died on my Paperwhite and had to send in my old one because there was still customer warranty on it. What they send back to me were refurbished units in the worst possible quality. I can even accept a few slight scratches on these refurbished units, but man they looked like someone wiped their ass with it. Scratches, smudges and the worst thing of all: All of the three units they send me were full of dead pixels. Unfortunately, every big company will just send you a refurbished model back (Microsoft send me back the Series S I've originally owned, but it wasn't faulty anyway and it was shortly after launch, unlikely they already had refurbished units lying there). Saying that, most companies send you a brand new unit back if the old one really is damaged within a range of 30 days. Still saying that refurbished stuff sucks especially on everything that's in the price range of a home console where you paid almost 500 bucks for a brand new unit just to receive a refurbished one back.

  8. I had to send in my Series S shorty after release and quickly got it back in perfect condition. So I thought. On the bottom, also on one of the edges, I have quite the similar bump, just way smaller. To this day I do not know if this was also there when I got the Xbox, but seeing your Series X now makes me think mine also received this little bump during their inspection. But it sure looks like that came from one of their tools they use for whatever they are doing there with the console.

  9. Lol what? I haven’t encountered any gameplay bugs. There’s just missing music and some of the graphical atmosphere is lost st parts (weird filters on certain cutscenes, glitchy shadows)

  10. Played through the collection countless times on Xbox One and Series S and there is nothing that will ruin your experience (especially Silent Hill 2 looks nice with Widescreen). Silent Hill 3 sure has some problems in the technical department, but yeah, this collection is mostly on sale for under 10 Bucks, grab it.

  11. Alles in allem fand ich das Event gelungen. Nur Janina mit ihrer "Asi"-Art nervt mich mittlerweile irgendwie nur noch.

  12. Janina ist sehr schwer zu beurteilen. Ich sehe da mehrere Faktoren, wieso das so ist. Erstmal glaube ich wirklich, dass sie sich auf das Event gefreut hat und ich mag es immer, wenn die Leute vor der Kamera da nicht nur bei sind, weil man gerade keinen anderen gefunden hat. Auf der anderen Seite ist ihre Art, wie sie so redet und sich gibt, ein wenig B-Promi RTL-Flair, womit sie sicherlich aneckt. Da habe ich auch große Probleme bei Beef. Ich denke aber, das größte Problem ist RBTV, die sie wirklich einfach in praktisch jedes große Event packen und da nutzt sich ihre Art halt auch einfach schnell ab. Rocket Beans hat noch viele andere weibliche Mitarbeiter, sehe zum Beispiel immer wieder Johanna gerne. Die ist aber auch nicht omnipräsent bei jedem Event nun zu sehen. Man pusht Janina schon beinahe zwanghaft in all die vielen Live-Events und das sorgt dann auch schnell dafür, dass die Zuschauer da irgendwann genug von haben.

  13. If they have good feedback then sure. Those are all bids though, so no doubt will climb to nearly retail prices.

  14. As a seller myself, I have very good experiences with eBay. Selling games, gaming systems and collectibe figures. Unfortunately, from my past 20 buyers, only 2 of them gave a feedback at all which is always tough for the account.

  15. I mean kind of yeah. The original Dark Alliance was Interplays attempt at additional profits of the success of BioWare's Baldur's Gate series. At that time BioWare was basically suing Interplay (as were other smaller company's) and pulled NWN from them as a publisher and ended up getting Atari to publish the game.

  16. Call BS on this one. The two Dark Alliance games were Diablo clones. True. But this does not automatically mean that they were cheap cash grabs back then. Today, you have the same situation with the Soulslike-Games. There are good ones and bad ones. The Dark Alliance games filled, back then, a gap you hadn't had on console. Diablo 2 wasn't available on consoles and the Dark Alliance games were more than solid hack and slash ARPG's. I even had more fun with them like I have today with any of the Torchlight games. The extra bonus was the D&D license. Even if it was an action oriented battle system, it's still based on the 3rd Edition rules from the beginning of the 00s. I would agree that Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance from 2021 is crap and a cheap cash grab on Multiplayer-Games with some kinda weird and dull Soulslike gameplay.

  17. Damn , I actually feel bad for xbox owners , I know alot of people were waiting a long time for silent hill

  18. I currently don't own a PlayStation 5 but trust me, I'm not really willing to buy an 80 Euro Remake. That's the pricing here and it's even worse in Germany because a lot of shops like Amazon, Saturn or Media Markt charge you with additional 5 Euros for 18+ games if you buy them Online and let them deliver to your home. So, even without a PlayStation 5 currently, I'm in no hurry. But of course, for a lot of Xbox owners this will be a huge deal if it would never come to the platform.

  19. Diese elektronischen Würfel sind echt ziemlich kacke. Lustige Idee aber die selbstgemachten Würfelsets hätten wahrscheinlich besser funktioniert. Sponsoren gut und schön, aber wenn es aktiv die Runde verschlechtert, dann haben die sich wohl einfach ein Drecksprodukt angelacht.

  20. Da stimme ich zu. Würde vermutlich besser sein, wenn es kein Prototyp gewesen wäre und man die Session als "Test" dafür benutzt hätte. Habe den Würfen absolut nicht vertraut. Cooles Gimmick, wenn es dann mal ausgereift ist.

  21. Die Frage kam doch heute bzw. gefühlt wöchentlich schon. Ich selbst kann mich nicht an diese Aussage erinnern, würde jetzt aber auch nicht nen großen Mandela-Effekt dahinter vermuten. Ich glaube, es passte bisher zeitlich einfach nie. Es gab ja alleine im Sommer die riesige Zeitspanne, wo es weder das eine noch das andere gab. Momentan kommts mir vor, als würde Pfiffige Ziffern häufiger laufen als Verflixxte Klixx. Ein paar mal gab es aber die Situation wo wöchentlich ne Folge von beiden Formaten kam.

  22. "jetzt", seit nem halben jahr oder so.

  23. Hatte ihn eigentlich bei Last Bean Standing erwartet da dort auch Ex-Bohnen versammelt waren. Glaube aber, dass wir den auch als "Freund des Hauses" nicht mehr so oft sehen werden. Die Blicke beim letzten Elden Ring Special nach dem ganzen Drama zwischen Etienne und Denzel haben Bände gesprochen^^

  24. Assuming the Xbox title. Very looking forward to seeing what Kojima does with their cloud tech. More excited for this than I am for DS2 tbh.

  25. I do think OP was irritated by the wording in the interview. They clearly mean the Xbox game which will be a brand new title (the game that we know as Overdose but who knows if they haven't changed the title). I'm excited for a proper reveal while the leaked material did not really helped here.

  26. FF7's exclusivity ran out last year. It's Square's decision to port it to Xbox now.

  27. Since the second remake game Rebirth will also be gatekeeping behind a PlayStation system (a PC version will surely follow later, but let's hope it's not again a stupid Epic deal, we know Square Enix loves to make stupid deals), it's highly unlikely in my opinion to ever see the Remake-Trilogy anytime soon on other consoles besides a port for PC's. So they must either be hardcore loyal to Sony or the amount of money they shove into their butts must be plenty. Or both.

  28. It could also be overdose but all his advertisements have strands on them which is kinda a dead giveaway. Its sucks that overdose is just a minor game and not a major horror game tho

  29. The producer already accidentally tagged #DeathStranding2 a while back. This, combined with all the other recent evidence, points heavily out for a Death Stranding sequel. And let's not forget Norman Reedus basically confirmed it two times.

  30. Most of the time, when you play games, shaders are loaded into temporary folders.

  31. Don't know who downvoted this, but your comment was extremely helpful. That answers actually my whole question. Many thanks :)

  32. There is a known crash on Xbox in Silent Hill 3 on the rooftop of the Hospital when you fire a weapon there. The rooftop is optional and you can easily walk around the enemies to grab the ammo and I think a health drink lying there. Played through Silent Hill 3 HD far less than the second game but it must be about three times. It's very much playable, it looks still nice but it does have drawbacks.

  33. I played this version first and it was pretty damn easy to understand what happened in the video. Maybe that's just me.

  34. Just played again through the HD-Collection on Xbox Series S and also had not major problems. But to be fair, this collection ran always smoother on Xbox. On my PlayStation 3 back then, I had a few bizarre bugs, even with the patched version. A proper Remaster would still be dope, but Silent Hill 2 HD on Xbox Series is a nice experience wth flawless 60 FPS and Widescreen. Silent Hill 3 is more buggy (mostly in the audio department) and is unfortunately missing the og voices.

  35. Hier hast du dir aber nun nen harten Brocken ausgesucht, glaube nämlich das Format ist recht beliebt :D

  36. Naja 30.000 klicks im schnitt würde ich jetzt nicht als "recht beliebt" bezeichnen. Ist, was die rbtv let's plays betrifft absoluter durchschnitt (eher darunter, wenn man DS3 und andere überperformer mit einbezieht).

  37. Das wäre dann meine nächste Frage gewesen. Wie viel machen die Rocket Beans LP's denn so im Durchschnitt, da ich LP's auch immer nur gelegentlich verfolge. Als Beispiel mal die Adventure-Let's Plays mit Etienne und Simon liegen teilweise nochmal deutlich unter den aktuellen Zahlen von Hades. Wobei, die Adventures sind nischiger und ziehen dann vermutlich nochmal ne andere Altersklasse an. Dass DS3 aber nach vermutlich rund 100 Folgen noch so gut läuft, hätte ich jetzt nicht gedacht :D

  38. PS sided with Kojima, surely that had an effect to their decision? Maybe I don’t know, but as both companies being Japanese, this is kind of odd for them to avail their games on Xbox but not PS, as I understand it is an unwritten law for the japanese developers to always support each others.

  39. Very unlikely. The current deal with the Silent Hill 2 Remake being a timed conspöe exclusive for PlayStation 5 (and this will most likely not the only title) wouldn't happen if Konami is sulky that Sony partnered up with Kojima Productions for Death Stranding. The real reason behind the removal must have something to do with expired licenses.

  40. It’s so sad. If you search “Silent Hill” on psn the only thing that comes up is dead by daylight

  41. It's not that much on Xbox either, believe me. Downpour isn't digitally on sale, for whatever reasons, on Xbox. Konami pulled the game from the store. Homecoming seems to be available (uncensoreed version is still banned in Germany and I think they only sell the uncensored version, have to look in the Austrian store someday), but I'm not really interested. And then the only thing left that's available is the HD-Collection. Of course that's still more than on PlayStation, Konami pulled everything Silent Hill related. P.T. and on PS Now the HD-Collection, while praising in the Silent Hill Transmission the perfect relationship to Sony.

  42. I know I guess I was just looking to see if anyone else had a hard time getting into the game but ended up loving it.

  43. I'm honest with you here: You just had to scroll down in this Sub 5 seconds to probably find 4 similar threads. You could easilly find confirmation there.

  44. I still have hope for Kojima being involved 🙏

  45. He just confirmed he will never work on the Metal Gear and Silent Hill Franchise again. Even wtihout his own words the theory was shaky that Kojima works in secret on Konami IP's. This man wanted for so long to create his own IP's and doing whatever he likes to do. That's exactly what he is doing right now.

  46. If only Gecco figures weren't obscenely expensive.

  47. Pricing is absurd even the figure looks nice. But hell, Gecco is overpricing these figures. It's really unfortunate that Good Smile will only bringt the nurse as a Pop Up Parade. Would love to seem them doing James and/or Maria.

  48. Das mit Morriton war nur ein Wunschgedanke (wie so oft). Kein Termin, keine richtige Planung.

  49. Da war nichts, viele haben das einfach falsch interpretiert. Es ging beim letzten Ultracore einfach darum, ob Budi nicht mal wieder Bock hat dabei zu sein. Aber Budi wollte, was ich auch verstehen kann, nun nicht mehr in die laufende Runde Ultracore einsteigen. Also hatte Hauke ihn wohl für ein weiteres Morriton Manor Abenteuer begeistern können. Für mich war das aber nie ne Bestätigung, dass es dieses Jahr nochmal Morriton Manor gibt. Hauke plante, vielleicht nochmal ein Abenteuer im Dezember starten zu können - aber das wäre für mich dann denke ich eher Ultracore 5 gewesen. Und wenn ich Haukes Twitter so sehe, ist der derzeit vollkommen mit dem Ultracore-Videospiel beschäftigt (hatte letztens irgendwas davon mitbekommen, dass es erstes spielbares Material gibt).

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