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  1. This post isn’t meant to say that you shouldn’t defend yourself, by carrying weapons we’ve all accepted the necessity of that. This post is meant to address those who seem to celebrate the taking of life, which is certainly a minority of us but an unfortunately vocal one.

  2. This sub is littered with people like that. They won't admit it -- they easily hide behind the "I'll protect my and my family's lives at any cost" discourse -- but the downvotes on this thread and other comments I've both seen and made here speak for themselves. Many people seem to want an excuse to take a life.

  3. Microsoft built those original Xbox consoles to last. Come to think of it, my Xbox one is about 5 years old now and works perfectly.

  4. Best protection at electronics is already inside electronics. Xbox will convert thousands joule surges into low DC voltages that safely power semiconductors. Thousands joules will

  5. That’s definitely murder. A punch, from a much smaller man, which has no apparent injurious effect, is not deadly force and does not warrant a hail of gunfire.

  6. Which state do you live where the size of the attacker is relevant?

  7. A state that uses the standard of a reasonable person believing themselves to be in mortal danger. Any reasonable person can see that a punch from a small person to a big person is not a mortal threat. If weapons are involved, size becomes irrelevant.

  8. It’s very common. In the countryside, most households have one or several or many firearms. In cities, firearms are still common but not as ubiquitous.

  9. Any 1911 grip safety should fit, with perhaps a little fitting. You may be better off getting used to it though because the extra dimension of the grip safety serves to make it nearly impossible to accidentally not depress the grip safety when you get a grip on the pistol.

  10. Lol. As a white American I often struggle to get Asian restaurants to make my food properly spicy. My Asian wife ordered takeout for us once at the same restaurant and behold! They made it spicy.

  11. Redundant to you, but I bet there’s someone out there who needs to see it!

  12. It looks to me like your barrel is failing to unlock from the slide, meaning it is probably not being allowed to drop sufficiently to disengage the locking lugs. Check your link, and your frame, to make sure all your dimensions are correct.

  13. In Stonington Connecticut there’s a small urbanized island called “the borough” that’s similar, but smaller.

  14. If it were me, I’d go with the J-frame but that’s just because I like them. The LCP Max is practically superior.

  15. That's my thought process too, I really enjoy the revolver platform and want to become proficient with it, but it sounds like the LCP max has many more advantages including capacity, sights, and trigger.

  16. I just swapped out the hammer spring, to only find the lanyard loop to be in two fucking pieces.

  17. The smith like botched the job badly, I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt, but nope turns out my fears were right

  18. There’s the moral answer, and the legal answer. To me, it’s the same for both sexes.

  19. 1- Glock has excellent quality control. Your chances of getting a bad one are near zero and because they’re so simple, any problems are easy to fix.

  20. Yeah I'm in the same boat as you for the last part. I like my CZ P01, the grip feels much better, the sights are decent, and the looks! Immaculate.

  21. My brother loves his Glock. I’ve gone through a bunch of pistols and have settled on a 1911. I just like! Feels good in the hand, shoots well, it’s beautiful, and I love the history of the design.

  22. Those are very nice but I feel more comfortable with a handgun that’s easier to shoot, higher capacity, and more powerful.

  23. Is it a coincidence that the biggest badass in the game carries a 1911?

  24. I kind of want grips on my 1911 that say “Remember Zion”, but that would probably get misunderstood by a lot of people.

  25. Respectfully,, there’s no such thing as an empty pistol. That’s rule number one.

  26. If that were true you could never dry fire or clean your gun.

  27. Calling me stupid is not a great start to a civil discussion.

  28. I shouldn’t have called you stupid, I’m sorry for that. I’m just frustrated because this is such a common line and it’s just not sensible. You even contradicted it while defending it.

  29. Oh just great. Thank you. If you can't explain like five, then you don't grasp the subject.

  30. I hope you sober up soon. If you’re not under the influence, please seek help.

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