TIFU reading a manuscript my ex gf wrote

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TIFU by not cleaning the depths of my belly button

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I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

  1. Hey man, things could still be worse. I don't know how, but they could be.

  2. She could have also mentioned that he makes the same noise when humping too

  3. Barking isn’t as bad as the incessant yap/whine/yelping or whatever the fuck it is called, that several were doing last night at around 10:00-11:00. Do they tie them up by the bollocks, or what the hell is going on that they make such a racket? I have a dog and the occasional woof when he wants in. It isn’t fair on the dogs if people have them, but can’t look after them properly. 😔

  4. Audi ownership (at least in the UK). I had an Audi Q3 as a hire car recently and other Audi drivers were suddenly letting me out at junctions, offering me parking spaces and even stopping to talk to me as if we'd known each other for years. I'm actually serious about this. It was weird..

  5. OMG, not enough for a crisp sandwich? That's a travesty, you should have a good handful and then some after filling the sandwich!

  6. Clean around your window and door seals, buy a Torx screwdriver and adjust the little top hats on the window and door edge, so it pulls the opening in closer to the frame to seal tight. Get a tube of silicon and seal any draughts, as they are the single biggest enemy of heat loss. Stick a pillow up your chimney if it is open, or a car tube and inflate it. Screw down radiator valves in rooms you aren’t in a lot. Wishing you all well, and hope it is a mild winter 💓

  7. Oh shit yeah, perhaps I should have re-phrased that to avoid any confusion. I should have been more clear. I'm in the park with my cock out.

  8. It was until the bat. He’s now in the Philippines tracking down his new love.

  9. The visual imagery of a bunch of Chinese dudes fucking in a room covered in tarp is not what I thought my Sunday morning would be.

  10. Dump her ass, she is emotionally blackmailing you. My Ex wife threatened to kill herself; she’s still around. You ARE NOT responsible for other people’s actions. Go be free and enjoy your life 💓

  11. Is a huge handle, it’s a heavy and tall glass door and the handles are vertically

  12. Instructions unclear, backwards grabbed her nether regions

  13. Ultimately up to yourself, but having been in a relationship for over 10 years, talking doesn’t do a lot, other than prolong it. As you say he is nice and sweet for a while, this is a pattern, they guilt you into staying, as you are over invested, you decide to stay, repeat, and so forth. Some cases it is best just to cut and end, closure has been shown to not really be what it is believed to be, if the relationship is toxic, or the person narcissistic, self protection comes first. 💓

  14. Sorry to hear what you went through. I was in a similar situation with an Ex. Here in the UK you can ring the police and get them to record events, but take no action. I did this and after I got a celar exit out filed for divorce. She tried to make me out to be abuser and I directed them to my records held by the police detailing mental, physical abuse where she hit, bit, scratched etc. Life is too short, if you aren’t getting respect, GOTF. Also, a quote I like, “If you aren’t fed love off of a silver spoon, you’ll learn to lick it from a knife.” …and you’ll get there dude, take time to heal, grab counselling if you can and work out that underlying anger that you hold, as like me I never would strike a woman, but in the pit of your stomach there is anger at how you were treated. Take care 💓

  15. I think the door locks are better, MKII Cavaliers were easy to open with a flat screwdriver, or a tennis ball with a hole in it (not to be confused with a coconut with a hole in it on another sub here 🤣🤭). Some cars with auto open doors used to get a smack on the bumper to open the front doors,, so I think they have made it a lot harder for the persistent opportunist. A lot of cars now too have built in tracking, or maybe the Playstation GTA was easier!

  16. To give you an idea: 1 million seconds is 12 days; 1 billion seconds is 31 years

  17. Given they will ignore Scotland, I wonder what they will do with the wingeing politicians from here?

  18. Wait, it isn't popular to say blow me anymore??? I don't understand this TIFU. I am not even old by any means.

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