1. Regardless, like I hate that alot of people do super kicks now when HBK was killin dudes in the 90s with those

  2. Off Tony’s deck onto Tony’s dick

  3. It took me a good 2 months for me to realize what the meme was from and another week for it to dawn on my that I was at BFG Fallout and heard him utter those lines live. Nothing was more satisfying than Jimmy Chicken saying that and his hometown crowd no sell him out of confusion and apathy. True hilarity.

  4. Thought Christian was outta his mind for a sec

  5. Mom’s foot and mom hands can screw you over without audio. If you’re on controller you’ll get a vibration when you walk in a room with hands though

  6. Thanks for the vibration tip! Like 15 times I’ve walked into a room with locked doors wondering if it’s WORMS or HANDS and ate avoidable damage.

  7. Mostly any attack that has an audio cue also has a visual one.

  8. Send it! I’ve been looking up items as I go and it’s all kinda minor spoiler-y. Knowing something about a fight that’s gonna roll me might make all the difference

  9. New Isaac’r here; is the bomb trick like… moving them close enough to touch at the same time?

  10. “Is that a hambger? I’ll take two big-bloke style.”

  11. One question why do dippers call it the fed when wwe hasn’t been the wwf sense the early 2000s

  12. I call it “The Fed” because “Fed-head” is my favourite insult to throw at AEW-haters

  13. I was done. The teleported prototype I got from my last chest brought me there…

  14. check the chest room walls by shooting when you enter them

  15. I’m on a Hulk Hogan schedule brother, 400 days a year I work DUDE

  16. the secret is flying backwards over Japan long style

  17. those don’t look like garden hoses to me, DUDE. Y’all got shmeat big bloke-style?

  18. I have the pleasure of having a walking path through a park right next to my fence. Every spring I can smell the dog shit thawing out. Nobody picks their dog shit up except 1 awesome lady. And her dog is small. There's a couple that walks 2 huge great Pyrenees or bull mastiff dogs daily. Faces glued to their phones as they stop and dogs plop human size piles of crap. Then walk away. The kids that play soccer in the summer may as well play on an active minefield

  19. Tell me you’ve only fought him once without telling me you’ve only fought him once.

  20. “Controller Beam Aim Assist” is a game-changer on controller. I think OP’s using a mouse, though!

  21. Relodestone halves reload time passively, like even when it’s on cooldown. Just a tip!

  22. Table Techs are amazing. I'd argue the average player isn't utilizing tables enough already, and the items in question just make the action better. TT money is my least favorite, since it makes all the other ones worse. If I get TT sight or blanks, I'm dropping the money one.

  23. re: utilizing tables, the best “Table Tech” is the simple dodge-flip! Roll towards a table, flip it mid-roll, before you slide and you can “carry” invincibility for like 2 whole seconds, several steps away.

  24. Before you reach the Forge, every single enemy has a 10% chance of being deleted. This decreases by 2% every time you reach the Forge.

  25. They’re all mimics in the glitched beholder

  26. This; you hold “Map” (Circle for me) select with L/R on D-pad and hit Triangle to drop.

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