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my god

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Cop flips pregnant woman's car for pulling over too slowly


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  1. To your edit, our water supply is significantly worse off then our energy supply

  2. It’s using a water glycol mix, not pumping in new water lol

  3. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Of course it is, thanks for the correction.

  4. The domestic abuse rates for cops is significantly higher than the general population, and they are friends with the people who would investigate domestic abuse allegations.

  5. Do you think that might be because of the way they’re trained to be suspicious of everyone? Which slowly shifts to viewing everyone as a threat by default?

  6. I would argue ptsd of some type. It is a Wild job. But also, the types of individuals attracted to the career. This video is sickening.

  7. Agreed. And they’re either fantastic actors or their nonchalant attitude and ability to immediately provide an excuse to attempt justification point towards this kind of thing happening consistent enough that you get over the shock of witnessing it first hand.

  8. It’s not profitable for companies dealing in debt. It’s a safe bet you’ll screw up, and it’s a safe bet parents or other support will take care of the first screw up.

  9. It’s either a short or overload on the circuit, or a ground fault, or a faulty RCD. Does it trip within a few minutes of resetting? Is the circuit isolated, meaning is there another load connected to the circuit? Anything more then a faulty RCD I would have a qualified electrician look at. Even if it looks like there’s no power present, that can change. And when removing the switch, don’t just flip off the breaker, shut off the main until replacement is complete. There are many different ways you can kill yourself troubleshooting this issue.

  10. So republicans are idiots threatening violence because they are to stupid to comprehend words means both sides are the same. Get out of here with that bs

  11. I mean, at their core there really isn’t a whole lot of difference. They all spend more money then they should, just on different priorities. I would like to see a valid, and I do mean valid, 3rd option. If anything, it helps keep one specific side from having majority of power which was never the intention. As Washington warned when he announced he was not serving a 3rd term, one political group or party having complete control is decidedly unpatriotic

  12. we need ranked choice voting so a 3rd party candidate can be valid. But 1 side wants to impose Christian fascism on the country and the other side maybe wants to spend to much money helping the homeless in less efficient ways.

  13. Yes, ranked choice would be fantastic. Isn’t there a state already doing this in state elections? I’m thinking Alaska but I’m also ignorant. But you make a valid point on the differences. I guess it would be more accurate to say that I don’t feel represented by either party and instead of career politicians or maniacal narcissist, I’d love to see leaders who can actually inspire people.

  14. Trump does tremendous brainwashing. So tremendous, just magnificent and wonderful…the brain washing, yeah. The media are horrible…just disgusting…it’s really despicable. I have a boat. So wonderful.

  15. I gotta thank you for a good laugh, I checked out your user and first thing I see is a post of your truck and it was like exactly what I would have expected.

  16. Why the fuck would you vivisect an assistant?

  17. Wonder if it depends what state you live in… my schooling didn’t shy away from US war crimes & the Indian genocide, but then again I grew up in California.

  18. Kansas, we named a lot of our counties after native american tribes we “persuaded” to move, and we didn’t discuss much other than the puritans glorious legacy.

  19. It’s definitely messed up but I have to say that everyone involved were being surprisingly patient. No one was trigger happy and the homeowners weren’t completely losing it even though they had every right too once the mistake was identified.

  20. The issue is some people pretend to be police to kidnap people. So its tricky.

  21. Shohreh Aghdashloo, who plays Chrisjen Avasarala in The Expanse

  22. I’m literally racking my brain to try and come up with what they possibly could’ve charged these people with

  23. I don’t think I’m making my point very clearly, and that’s on me. We disagree on how many people will need the use of public chargers, but that’s all we disagree on. I’m trying to show that they’re planning on spending hundreds of billions and that there is a profit motive at play here. It’s likely the real number of extra chargers needed falls somewhere between our estimates, but they’ll be calculating the cost based off reports like these, which contain a large portion of accurate information. And the estimates will get higher and higher but it will all be done for the greater good. They’re profiting off our ideals of a more efficient world. By they I mean the utilities and their owners, the energy producers and investment fund managers.

  24. -I think they are saying they should make upgrades which are future proof, which makes sense in any case.

  25. If the owner left the shotgun in such a condition as the dog could accidentally do this, it’s the owner’s own fault for not following good firearms practice.

  26. Yup, absolutely correct, this is the kind of thing you learn in a safety class, but apparently requiring a 2 hour class is against the 2nd amendment and will cause the poor to lose their jobs (love that one).

  27. Hair stylist in Illinois - 1500 hours of training required. Usually takes 2 years or so. It’s so crazy. Not only that, they are required to have training in spotting things like domestic abuse. Who is usually at the top for most often to cause domestic abuse? Police officers. Wild time.

  28. Wait wait…thanks for specific number of hours, that means if a cop spends 24 hours a day for 3 straight weeks doing nothing but training, that it’s still only a third of the time that hair stylist training takes? Has the whole world gone crazy?

  29. Really wish this is what our lockdowns looked like here in the USA back in 2020. We could have avoided this whole mess all together.

  30. It doesn’t seem to be working out too well for them 2 years later, doesn’t seem like their plan worked

  31. And people in the US acted like they had their lives taken from them, and at no point in any area of the United States were you not able to go outside. Wonder how these people feel about your bullshit convoys of freedumb

  32. 🤣There was like a week where it was heavily suggested to shelter in place. 2 years later it’s all crying about the extensive lockdowns hurting our economy and freedom

  33. After Y2K, several groups got together and made a if the shit hits the fan file that had 99% of the important infrastructure repair and operation manuals that you could put on optical media easily and can be accessed with any hardened pc. The US Military has hardened pc equipment, and most commercial laptops should be ok if not plugged in, inside a modern home or office. Also to mention we will still have libraries that contain all our information, including massive ones like the library of congress.

  34. Those transformers for substations take a few weeks to replace when circumstances are business as usual, which means a slow but steady replacement of equipment as it fails. Not in a situation where exponentially more need replacement all at once. Under those conditions, combined with the transportation issues you correctly point out, those months could become years. That puts a huge burden on those generators that keep critical services running. Fortunately, any planning for that is unnecessary since those generators will be dead within a week after using up the accessible reserves of fuel. Realistically, plan on no more then 3 days of emergency power backup…all reserved for critical systems like hospitals, fire services (which will be working overtime), water treatment, etc. Which brings up another issue, water supply is regulated and kept separate from waste water systems through large electric pumps. Once those pumps stop, the water supply becomes contaminated. We would see some pretty horrible diseases resurface quickly. Finally refrigeration loss for more then a month is a death sentence for diabetics, measured by the number of bottles they have of penicillin and the drastically reduced shelf life. 90 days would be generous if it happened during the winter. Much, much less time if it’s during the summer. Along with no food, after the initial neighborhood bbq, no water, no gas, no electricity, and limited to no communication with anyone beyond walking distance, things would get very bad very quickly. You paint an accurate picture, but I can’t see how an event like this wouldn’t come close to extinction level for the affected area.

  35. I’ve been in those hearings and worked in rate design for decades for electric utilities. It’s not a onerous burden on those who are not poor to help those that are poor.

  36. Then you know that a reduction in rates that are collected limits the ability of the utility to recover its cost. I imagine some of the rate design you worked included accelerated depreciation for stranded utility assets where this is more commonplace but just about every utility has a deferred account totaling up “lost revenue” from shutting down commercial sectors and losing large commercial clients they insist wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the shutdown during quarantine 2 years ago. These filings are still in play and once the deferral period is over they will file to recover this lost revenue. And since enough doubt can be cast on the cost being “unjust and unreasonable”, those filings will be approved and some of these are in the billions. Whether it’s utility bonds subsidized by the rate payers, a straight up fixed charge being added, or accounting wizardry with the FAC, the utility will get its investment back one way or the other. It’s not about how onerous it may or may not be to help less fortunate families and individuals, personally I don’t think it should be a factor at all if you have the means to help. But if the carbon tax is passed through to them in their rates, and that additional cost forces downward pressure on consumption, then wouldn’t adjusting lower income household rates enough to negate the price increase remove that pressure to conserve? Same with the need to survive in extreme conditions, will a higher price from a carbon tax outweigh the life of a family member?

  37. Covid affected many industries and it will be a long while before the world economies recover. However, climate change has not been affected by Covid and more and more people around the globe are being strongly impacted by climate change. The longer we wait to mitigate the effects of what has already occurred, the worse the impacts will be.

  38. Yes! That’s the correct path exactly as I see it. And the tech already exists, and combined with maturing demand side coordination and decentralized generation, we could get rid of a lot of the unnecessary generation sitting around waiting to be used for a handful of days out of the year, reducing our emissions, while making everyone a participant in the energy markets and giving them a source of equity, which would go even further towards helping under privileged people actually improve their situation instead of merely just hanging on.

  39. There are several states like this. Look at New York. Has nothing to do with AZ and everything to do with stupidity.

  40. NY is a little different because the average person can come up with several names of large cities or burrows in the state, and if someone was to say they were surprised Brooklyn or Queens or Harlem were nearby each other then you’d deffo assume they weren’t to quick on the uptake. But if I was to find out Auburn and Birmingham, Alabama were near each other, or one encompassing most of the other, I would be surprised.

  41. Except Auburn and Birmingham aren’t in the top 5 largest cities in the US.

  42. Huh, I did not realize that, I don’t spend a whole lot of time in Phoenix, but it makes sense it would be high on the list. Well played good sir, I concede to your logic!

  43. I am constantly shocked how many people I run into that think Portugal is in S. America

  44. I’m referring to Portugal - only country in Western Europe not dark green

  45. Right, because a ton of people don’t realize it’s in Europe. The color means how many people can identify the country, not how well the particular countries population can identify other countries. Just like people mix up Scandinavia with its surrounding countries. And for a personal example (in US), I didn’t even know there was a Central Europe.

  46. Considering sha256 hasn't been broken yet, I think the 15 minute number may be....made up.

  47. Generating the private key is pretty much just as easy at picking a random number. The big hurdle here is the computational power that must be expended in order to create the public key from the private key before checking if the public key (i.e. address) controls any bitcoin. Generating a public key from the private key requires some hashing (or something).

  48. Does this also hold true for quantum computing? Think I heard something like 15 minutes to crack sha256. It’s experimental tech costing billions of dollars now, yeah…but in 20 years?

  49. It’s also when Chers song came out with the first use of auto-tune.

  50. Why don't they ever show the far side..... You know the one of ancient alien monoliths and structures???

  51. There is no dark side of the moon. Matter of fact, it’s all dark.

  52. Investment for profit isn’t just how it was eventually built out, but 100 years later it hasn’t changed. A grid scale wind turbine providing 3 MW runs about 5 mill, and about another 5 to install it after digging out a platform of concrete deep enough to counter balance the weight of the turbine, the skilled labor required (usually union so good wages for the workers), and the power line to the nearest substation at 1.5-2.5 million per mile..and with the location being some remote hill, those miles add up quick. That turbine will power about 1,000 homes (realistically), but needs backup capacity to account for a drop in wind. Cheap option would be a dual turbine natural gas plant. Need a crew of surveyors, designers, engineers, group to handle the permits and sealed copies of documents, lawyers to handle the ongoing filing until you produce electricity and then at least 2 times a year for required semi-annual report filings. A contractor to coordinate the electrical, construction, electrical, and other contractors each with their own crew to install the plant, then few days to start up and then the average operating expense starts to the tune of 10-15 million annually for the approx 20-30 year life of the utility asset (your turbine and gas plants). Doesn’t matter the gas plant is sitting there not being used 90% of the time, the operating cost of keeping it spinning and ready to go at a moments notice is the same as it would be if it was generating power. Spread amongst the 1000 homes, you need each one to payout $40,000 just to build the equipment, and about 15,000 each year to recoup the opex cost. Not including fuel for when the gas plant needs to take over. It doesn’t work. And these numbers are general but they’re close enough to accurate for government work, all available at EIA website.

  53. Perfect bark, nice smoke ring, maybe could have stayed a little longer to break down the last of that collagen but you would have risked drying it out. Nice work!

  54. A great recipe for these is you take them out of the bag and throw them in the trash.

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