1. Touch a woman sometime to find out that Valentine’s week spans from 7th to 14th and consists of the following: 1.Rose Day 2.Propose Day 3.Chocolate Day 4.Teddy Day 5.Promise Day 6.Kiss Day 7.Hug Day 8.Valentine’s Day

  2. When is Sex Day? This sounds like something made up by a w*man (idiot thinks there's 8 days in a week)

  3. Why does it feel like I have to re-link my Bungie account every single time another one of these comes out?

  4. Because Bungie has the only website on the entire internet that makes you log in every single time you visit the page. It's like 2 extra clicks but makes me irrationally angry every time I use the LFG site or redeem a code.

  5. As a child, I was traumatised by my grandmother's story of my uncle's colon hanging out of his ass due to extreme straining because of severe constipation. As an adult, I did not expect to be laughing at these memes.

  6. Bruh why would I have a organ in my ass? I don’t fart jazz

  7. I think we’re going to get erections at an inappropriate time like during a play or in the Fred meyer topical ointment section

  8. How dare they say it ended in D1!!!! I can't handle life without my black and red beloved! 😭😭😭🟥⬛🟥⬛

  9. This makes me unhappy I think a reasonable response is to send the devs death threats

  10. Over-feathering is just as bad imo. Glad the trend of completely feathering T-Rex is dying, considering skin impressions show no evidence of it.

  11. It's only the male roosters that scream and not the female chickens, we truly do live in a society 🤡

  12. Well only roosters crow but hens can and do scream and make a fuss early in the morning if they get spooked

  13. there were a bunch of inbred rednecks all freaked out that the chinese were getting vital information about their walmart locations....

  14. The Warlock menu animation is somewhat unnerving. It’s like a beating heart. Reminds me of the Black Heart, which is fitting considering Strand is a Darkness element.

  15. Me explaining to the game commissioner that the federally protected family of burrowing owls that I exterminated were actually Zorpalods

  16. The flamethrower is tempting but I really have my heart set on an anti-furry hangman's noose. Thanks for the offer bro but I'll pass 🚫🐶

  17. Ihaveihaveihavereddit try not to piss their diapers when they're faced with the truth that furries are disgusting subhuman generates challenge

  18. Did you hear the music in the latest trailer? Might be a sneak peek at the mood in LF

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