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  1. Ben Lomond Hotel and Kay’s Cross have some fun stories behind them.

  2. I grew up about 10-20 miles from skinwalker ranch. It sure ain’t no conspiracy. Haha

  3. I’ve been there a couple times, tried to sneak in both times and neither ended up well.

  4. Watch the stream of Lupo cleaning Aime's stash. It's stupidly therapeutic for like 2 hours lol

  5. You can generate it yourself. Just delete everything. ;)

  6. That would be the third time this wipe.

  7. Got a 54 today! Highest I’ve seen.

  8. Ranked NA/EU season 1 pvp has not been released yet. Once it’s released there will be rewards. Just in case no one has clarified this for you!

  9. I used to hunt for hours a day for a ship just like this… never found it! Great find!

  10. You just repeated what the other person said and were upvoted at least 659 times for it. Wth

  11. Lol I was just thinking that! There’s 3 people now!

  12. I think the original unicorn just had a baby.

  13. I’m the exact same way as you! It confuses me so much.

  14. Those gamers are not humans… They have become what some refer to as whales!

  15. And they ruin it for the rest of us. Whole sections of the gaming industry are changing their model to chase these whales while the 90% of people who aren't interested in microtransactions are getting ignored.

  16. And the saddest part is that these games only need a very small percentage of the player base to become “whales” to see a positive revenue!

  17. I use America First Credit Union. I’ve typed everything in correct multiple times with no luck. I called my bank and made sure everything was correct and they said yes. I’m trying to connect my bank to Crypto.com or Blockfi. Both use plaid. I need to purchase something using USDC as soon as possible. Any tips would help! I’m fairly new to the crypto world only a bit of mining.

  18. Venmo isn't as secure as a PayPal transaction

  19. Yes, but much in the same vein that amazon owns twitch. Amazon's policies don't really help you if you have a problem with twitch, and vice versa. They are different services, and as such, have different terms that you agree to when using them, as well as different methods to help resolve problems. Paypal has a better review system to prevent scams, and as such, is better suited for secure transactions; disputes can be more regularly debated, and are reviewed by staff (unless undisputed)

  20. Definitely makes sense! Both your comments have great points 👍🏻 I guess the only time I’ve had an issue was when I was selling a laptop and someone said they sent me the money then they refunded it and still wanted the product. I then got charged from PayPal which put a bad taste in my mouth! So it was just a personal reason lol!

  21. Hi ! I personally picked up a blue yeti shock mount like this one :

  22. That’s just the lighting on the cream making them look a bit greenish right? Or is it just me??

  23. I think it's just you, doesn't look greenish on my screen

  24. Damn, my girlfriends been telling me I’m color blind... now I’m always second guessing myself! Well in that case I’m for sure picking them up! Thanks 🤙🏻

  25. I would definitely buy these 🤙🏻

  26. I’ve been looking for a mousepad like this for ages!! Do you have a link by chance!

  27. https://www.amazon.com/Yosoo-Health-Gear-Computer-Keyboard/dp/B08DKW43GQ/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=yosoo+health+mousepad&qid=1609978858&sr=8-2

  28. I <3 U It’s weird how long I’ve been looking, and it’s just sitting on Amazon waiting!

  29. Can’t wait for another heap of metal and some plastic buttons to stroke my ego....

  30. Click on store in the top right corner. :)

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