AITA for kicking my girlfriend out of my place on New Year’s Eve for scaring my little brother?

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  1. Hey how does the risk free token work anyway? I haven't used it.

  2. Basically if you lose the bet you get 50$ back. But mine hit so I could withdraw as normal

  3. Good shit brother! Tai won me $600 tonight. Let's do a shoeeey!

  4. I had the same thing but the Steelers killed it for me.

  5. That’s the decision I came to when doing a little research lol. I’ve just seen some ppl very confident in Cubs

  6. Only thing I’m iffy on is the nets win in milwaukee but harden def gonna be better than the other night

  7. yeah I’m banking on Harden having a much better game. Also Jeff Green being back is very big

  8. You owe Bruce Brown an ass chewing. I’m sorry bro :(

  9. We all are, same with calling card . Game was gutted to be put back in on season 1.

  10. Unfortunate. I wish it would just be a normal cod with none of the season bullshit lol. Maybe that’s just the boomer in me

  11. The levels you see after a match are incorrect. Im prestige 2 lvl 54 now and it says prestige 1 lvl 0 after you reach prestige 1 lvl 50.

  12. Yeah I know I’m leveling normally. It’s just annoying that it’s bugged like that

  13. for me it was that one handed catch by Ray

  14. Yeah that pick was very nice. He looks like a promising player.

  15. Daddypumper and redtube manager, lol

  16. Looks great! Hope you have some curtains for that sunlight during the day :)

  17. The window is actually even bigger than in the pic and luckily never is in direct sunlight so it’s fantastic lighting! However, I do have a remote control shade if I’m ever playing VR and don’t want people to see me flailing around haha

  18. I did the best I could with a very small case. I’ll be waiting for you to post yours ;)

  19. This looks really good buddy! If you don't mind me asking, what are the computer's specs?

  20. Just to double check, you’re okay with the “warnings” right? Without trying to sound patronising

  21. Are you referring to the warnings in regards to compatibility? If so, that is kind of what I was referencing to in the post. I was just worried something major could be wrong when I get all the parts in.

  22. Oh okay, this is what I thought you were talking about. Yes, I have been researching what the first warning meant, and I found pretty much what you explained. You are right, I will not be using more than 2-3 drives. Thank you so much for taking the time to help!

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