1. Sad that goofy ass OTF ruined so many songs we could of had from them. Idk why Sosa gotta be loyal to those weirdos when they not loyal to him 🤦🏽‍♂️ need more yb x Sosa songs

  2. Facts. OTF always ruining shit smh & Durk the most unloyal nigga of all time.

  3. He might as well convert the page into an A$AP Rocky fanpage nigga got bitched by his favorite rapper 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Mo - G shouldn't lowkey even be on here. He literally only has 1 hit then quit rapping and then randomly came back. Smoke Dawg, Duvy & Pengz should be a little lower. Big Lean shouldn't be here either

  5. Only has a few good songs like Durkio Krazy, How I Know & 1 (733) Vulture that's it.

  6. signed to the streets 1 and 2 better than 3 u fucking retarted kid


  8. You don't speak for everyone, you just speak for yourself. Hop off my dick bro

  9. That area is mad quiet, I been to those ends bare times. Nothing happens 90% of the time and most hood niggas aren't posted around that area. Only ones that are probably going at it over there are the Chinese & Asian gangs and that's because of their own internal politics that from back home.

  10. No. They need to announce it 7 hours before they drop like UIR & that new drake album 🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. Send me your location ill come after you pussy ass mfker im tired of you

  12. Lol this was a joke 😂😂😂😂. You too serious lil bra calm down

  13. From the wise words of OSN "good cap lil bro", we know who you really are

  14. It’s not that serious they not dissing yo people why u feel the need to say some bout the dead when U have no involvement whatsoever

  15. They had no involvement in Dave or Dump's Death and they dissing 💀💀💀

  16. You under everyones comment replying please get a job or touch grass 🙏🙏 you dont get paid protecting a rapper you dont know

  17. People are going to base it on sales mainly because of the beef w/Durk. Too much people will come into the album comparing TLS with 7220 so expect a lot of album comparisons because of their Beef. (Don't blame me for this, YB caused this himself by dropping Bring The Hook which got people that might not check YB like that, checking for him from here on out). He's gonna get compared w/album quality & sales from here on out.

  18. If the Crips try to kill YB for the shit he saying then what's the whole point? He already got too much opps, fuck that song we don't need any more enemies that we have rn...

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