1. A reliant robin is worse - imagine something which looks the same as this, but has one less wheel and is made of fiberglass

  2. in my place of work, the two biggest assholes are both Russian - would love to see them both sent back home!

  3. I live in Midland, and can confirm it is an ugly, brown shithole that costs far too much for what it is.

  4. it is better than Odessa though which is the only place even cheaper!

  5. So basically "expat" is the less offensive term vs. "immigrant"?

  6. when I said it was irrelevant to the topic, I meant the Brexit discussion :-)

  7. Hello - 52 here and just joined! What has been the trigger for you feeling your priorities are changing?

  8. I moved to Houston from Portland. My Portland friends had a funeral for me instead of a going away party - complete with an urn and everyone acting like I wasn’t there. Truth be told, it took me 14 years to like Houston and stop missing the PNW. As for seafood - forget about it. Learn to love BBQ.

  9. 14 years? What do you say to them now when you speak (about the benefits of Houston)?

  10. A lot of those surface lots are surface lots only because the owners are hoping to be able to sell them to developers looking to put up new buildings. Those owners have no interest in spending money on building anything themselves. A lot of the newer construction around Minute Maid, I remember when that was all pretty much surface parking lots. Shit, I remember when a big chunk of Midtown was basically surface lots.

  11. this is the right answer (speaking as someone who has lived here 30 years) - downtown has far less lots than it used to have, and I only expect it to continue as available space runs out

  12. Queen were right up there - but to me they had peaked and were in decline

  13. no - you feel jealous this guy has the guts to do something about his interest, and then you feel depressed because you wonder why you waited

  14. perhaps the home was her investment and she did use that investment for retirement?

  15. FWIW, even if the hourly rate is competitive, WalMart is well known for fucking their employees in other ways. Specifically giving them just enough hours (29, 31, whatever) to keep them under full time category so they can't have benefits (insurance, retirement). Also threatening them with termination if they can't come in on a moment's notice (usually because they understaffed a shift in their efforts to avoid paying benefits).

  16. and encouraging them to go to the government for food vouchers

  17. That game was so dry and dull I feel you could somehow have used it to dry fruit

  18. Except they were 1) Fake mothers and members of his political party and 2) He didn't actually meet them, in the video from the event it is obvious that his head has been pasted over someone else's body.

  19. Same. I’ve always wanted Scotland to win (unless playing England)

  20. Same for Wales, Northern Ireland and the republic of Ireland

  21. And everyone on those countries reciprocates by wanting England to lose

  22. And an improved shot at winning the european cup if we can do something about that Haaland fellow

  23. I was just a few years older so had to content myself with the Gazza wall calendar

  24. I think its more a case of the "west" being more tolerant of progressive ideas.

  25. I'm guess a bunch factors. But the easiest one is age. With age I feel people's tolerance for Bs changes. I mean not like you get crotchity, but you value your time more and it's harder to find people that are worth spending your time and energy on.

  26. Yeah - but then again how many friends does anyone make in bars and clubs? I have a decent number of friends but exactly zero of them were made in those environments

  27. I felt like it was a movie about a previous generation and as someone who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s I didnt relate to the characters at all

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