1. Rhode Island ceases to amaze me. The resources and kindness of musicians compared to Nashville is honestly disarming.

  2. I've been looking for someone to make/play music with!! I'm out of state for the summer but I'm so down if you're still looking for people by then.

  3. YTA- This whole post gave me heart palpitations as a person leaving a relationship with a “mamas boy” like this guy. Horrifying. Just marry your Mom if she is your queen? Everything about this is unhealthy

  4. I did have that golden apple thing which was hard to figure out where to post up, but I got a little sleep bc i drove and was able to bring pillows. After hearing Betty at PP and being a big Taylor fan, I was like whatever it takes will be worth it for me. Even though Taylor wasn’t there, it was still worth it obv. I do think Dead Oceans sucks for playing on Pharbs emotions like that though.

  5. So overall you think it is still a classical guitar you’re just not sure what one? It is probably a custom

  6. Wow you guys are crazy good at noticing details I’m so glad I asked. You really know your shit hahaha

  7. Wait how do u sign up. I went to the website but couldn’t find where to go

  8. Hi, former philadelphian and huge birds fan here. There are great sports bars here! I’ve been to Reiners and Swank, both great spots. You’d be surprised at the variety of fans here, it’s not all pats fan. Let me know if you ever want to grab a beer for an eagles game this fall!

  9. Hey! I’ll absolutely take you up on that! Thanks for the support, it’s one thing I’ve been nervous about haha

  10. I feel like I have a second hand respect for the eagles because I have watched so much IASIP. Go Birds! If you do get a watch party started I down to show up.

  11. Awe !! That’s so cute yes, I have tons of extra jerseys and I even own an eagles helmet. I also have a family member or two with season tickets lmao so if you get REALLY into them maybe we could make a drive lol!! Thanks for the support stranger

  12. Candles, Starbucks, going out for dinner, new shoes !! Clothing that wasn’t hand me downs. Summer camp, Jan sport backpacks, hmm what else lol

  13. The best revenge is living a wonderful life. Good luck!

  14. Thank you !! I plan on making it a good one, once I get the pieces of my heart back lol

  15. Thanks for the update! Glad you're in a safer spot. Take care!

  16. Reminds me of that old chestnut, "When people show you who they are, believe them the first time."

  17. Yea he would say some pretty awful things about himself when we first started dating but I just dismissed it as low self esteem and saw how funny and sweet and charming he was but yea… always believe them

  18. Number one red flag! Guys who say "you're too good for me" or "I'm a piece of shit" aren't lying.

  19. Yea …. with my self esteem, I was just flattered. You live and you learn and sometimes you really really fucking learn :(

  20. Convince my husband who stopped loving me I’ve been kidnapped/murdered. Dye my hair, lose my mind, find a man to have sex with, kill him and convince the public he was the one who kidnapped me. All to seek revenge on my husband who was cheating.

  21. Worst case, literally almost every restaurant is hiring at $15+. Might be an option until you find a better one.

  22. Wait, I’m also moving to providence and I thought they only pay tipped wages. I thought it was like $3 an hour if you make tips?

  23. It’s a weird thing I have where if it’s silent when I’m trying to go to sleep I can hear music playing from another room clear and concise but In reality nothing is playing and it’s all in my head. It’s been happening for the past 10 years, Usually it’ll repeat a chorus or a part that’s stuck in my head. Was wondering if anyone else have had this happen to them. It’s annoying trying to get the song to stop playing, usually I have to countdown from 100

  24. YES !!! For me, I will be somewhere maybe a plane or the passenger seat of the car and I’ll swear I hear orchestral swells or a melody it always trips me out when my brain does that

  25. You have such a beautiful eye shape! And brow structure! I think you are really beautiful! If you wanted to level up a little I would maybe try Some slim winged cat eyeliner, and a flattering red lip? Maybe go to Sephora and ask someone to help match you with one! I would also get something like a tinted eyebrow gel and make your brows pop a little more bc they are so stunning !

  26. I made a post before bc I didn’t know if this was a viable batch. After patiently waiting just in case ❤️we got some pins!!!!!!!! I am so excited! They just sprung up overnight, thank you everyone for the advice!

  27. Okay he still wants to … try to spawn, I advised against but .. it’s his shrooms so

  28. It's got lipstick mold. It's more than just bacterial. Plus on top of it it's way to wet it was never gonna make it.

  29. Yea.. I told him that as well he is insistent on trying to spawn. What’s the worse thing that could happen?

  30. Okay! This is something a lot of my very successful beautiful friends all have in common. They ALL know their WORTH! They never settle for bad behavior, they practice good communication, they take time to form their thoughts and sentences and don’t feel bad about taking up space! That is not easy for me but I love to be around them to try it myself. It attracts people

  31. The people commenting in this thread gave me hope in the world 🥲glad to know all people aren’t as shallow.

  32. I’m not an expert or anything, just done a lot of reading on Reddit. But the first photo looks like some beautiful mycelium, the other photos though look like cobweb, I’ve read you can spray the tub with hydrogen peroxide to try to save it if it does start to get light contamination. I’ve also seen a few people cut out the contaminated piece of substrate and it works as well. It’s all part of experimenting and process. Hopefully you save the tub and it goes well! Mush love ✌🏼

  33. I’m gonna try the H202 spray down, thanks for the words of advice ❤️ mush love 2 u 2! It’s my first grow so I expected some mistakes but I just want to start my celestial journey already 😂 I’ll keep you posted

  34. I hope you didn't already... Cobweb is so very rare that it's almost never that when you suspect it is. And H2O2 is acidic and molds love acidity. This method is urban legend, it has a low success rate :/ let it colonize without opening and only then we'll be able to see if that's myc or not

  35. I haven't touched it yet, thank you!! I read online it was pretty rare too so I am holding out hope, and it is looking waaay better today so I'm glad I waited. thank you! Still not sure if its 100% but it is growing so I am hopeful

  36. I have seen some comments here and I agree, I would love to know the surgeon. These are subtle amazing results we'd all be so lucky lol. Is it possible to share the surgeon and maybe a cost breakdown of the surgeries? thank you, you look stunning

  37. I am also curious what boot camp, and what scholarship?

  38. How do we live in a country where if you have more than 2k your benefits get cut. Blows my mind, knowing what the wealthy get away with but the poor aren't allowed.

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