1. 5. O come Emmanuel 4. Praise to the Lord the almighty 3. Lo, how a rose e'er blooming 2. Let all mortal flesh keep silent . . . . . . .

  2. It's one of the few hymns that every Catholic of every line could agree upon and sing loudly.

  3. My rule is this. If within 2 months your advances are not reciprocated then it's time to go. It's hard and harsh, but a necessary step to stop you from being heartbroken even more deeply.

  4. First and foremost adalah keadaan terpisah sepenuhnya dari Allah yang mengakibatkan jiwa-jiwa yang masuk ke nereka mengalami keadaan hopelesness karena mereka tau bahwa mereka tidak mungkin bisa bersatu lgi dengan Allah. Kalo physical description of Hell beda-beda. The usual fire and brimstone thing, tapi ini sekunder.

  5. Catholic here, the basic equation (berdasarkan Katekismus Gereja Katolik dan dokumen2 seperti Nostra Aetate is this)

  6. If we're talking about oral traditions then there's the apparition (or rather bilocation) of Mary in Spain, which is now called Our Lady of the Pillar. I think some 2nd or 3rd century fathers also have written about Mary but i can't pinpoint a precise document for sure. Then there's the fact that the Assumption of Mary has always been believed by the Church in Jerusalem, a fact attested to by the records of St. Helena in the 4th century.

  7. It is precisely because of Jesus's death on the cross that Mary was born and stayed sinless throughout her life. It was only because of Christ's salvific work on the cross that Mary was excluded from the stain of original sin.

  8. I actually have a schizophrenic cousin on my mother's side. Yeah i agree it's quite hereditary because my mum admitted that some of my grandmother's siblings have mental issues. Fortunately, none of it was passed unto my branch of the family.

  9. No it wont. National synods may put forth dodgy recommendations (like the Luxembourg one) but they will all be shot down at the central synod in Rome.

  10. Noo, they're Americans. Abraham being from Ur does not mean that his descendants and their descendants were Mesopotamians. They were born in canaan, lived in Canaan, and spring up their culture in Canaan.

  11. Sorry, I meant genetically, kind of like DNA testing says I’m German yet my grandparents down live in the states?

  12. Well, Mesopotamians and Canaanites are both levantines so the genetic make up wouldn't be that much different.

  13. In the case of this video of Ratzinger's consecration no matter how many boshops lay on their hands, it's either valid or not, depending on the exact rules on the zucchetto, right?

  14. The zuccheto is a non-issue. What matters is the hands are layed upon his head. It doesn't even need to touch, even if it merely hovers over the head the intent to lay on hands is there so it's not an issue at all.

  15. True, a prefered candidate being elected pope is rare occurance. Only the 1938, 1963, and 2005 conclaves as examples.

  16. The next conclave would be extremely different from the last two conclaves in 2005 and 2013.

  17. My headcannon is that Moses and Elijah were transfigured and was brought into Jesus's presence as they were still alive.

  18. Yes, Jesus is Eru incarnate, as Finrod dimly glimpses would happen at some time in the future during the Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth.

  19. If you haven't already, you really should read the Athrabeth. It's basically a debate between Finrod and Andreth, a wise-woman of the House of Bëor. She was in a relationship with Finrod's brother Aegnor, but it never got very far because Elves don't marry or have children in times of war.

  20. That's wicked, i'll be sure to read it when i have the chance. Interesting how Tolkien went that far in his world building and being very serious when he says that Arda is our world in a very distant and mythic past.

  21. His vestments are something else, aren’t they? In person, they grow stranger the longer you look at them. Traditionally scarlet (for the spilled blood of martyrs), you might expect their color to be rich and deep and somber. But no. From El Greco’s brush they are dry, scrubby, electrical, with a kind of insane excess of lightning white highlights. (What a strange painter!) What’s most interesting to me, though, is how little Fernando himself seems transformed by his garments. The head atop that pinkish pyramid is… just a guy’s head, a mostly-competent bureaucrat’s perhaps. It wouldn’t look out of place poking out of a turtle neck.

  22. Your observations are great! But i do have one thing to say. The Cardinal is not "vested" in vestments in this painting, he is wearing his formal "choir dress" which for a cardinal is always red. Red is traditionally the colour of martyrs but in the context of a cardinalatial choir dress it symbolizes the Cardinal's willingness to shed his blood for the church.

  23. Welcome ! It's interesting to know that the choir dress has basically not changed at all between El Greco's time and now, only the shade of red changes.

  24. Honestly i think this is one of the things that are region specific or is blown up on the internet. Case in point, liturgical abuse. Those on the internet would make you believe that 90% of all Novus Ordo Masses are abused. Not so in the real world. Abuses are there but they are more likely to be region specific, are confined to the past, or are simply a one off.

  25. Got through a low mass and worked out what was going on, felt pretty good about myself.

  26. "To promote congregational singing for next sunday's High Mass the congregation will be provided in their pews with the Graduale Romanum, a copy of Mozart's Coronation Mass and the week's motets and communion hymns".

  27. I have (tried) to do it. The Pope's Urbi et Orbi blessing on Easter and Christmas carries with it the plenary indulgence under the usual conditions of detachment of sins through confession, reception of the eucharist, and praying for the pope.

  28. Depends on which point of the Mass. There are only two moments where concelebrants pray together with the main celebrant, that being the eucharistic prayer and our father.

  29. Wah paroki pugeran. Always love that the tabernacle has a veil and umbrellino front of it. Really underscores how sacred it is.

  30. Yo, sorry i just read your reply. You have a long road behind and in front of you. Kalo, mau bener jadi Katolik tapi ga ada sponsor, di setiap Paroki itu ada sekretariat dan program katekumenat. Go to them, i'm sure they'll be open to you.

  31. The apostles (with Matthias) are given pre-eminent places in heaven with Our Lord due to their importance. However that does not mean that the works of the apostles stopped with them. They also choose as their successors the bishops stretching down to today. Notice that in the Acts of the Apostles the Apostles themselves appointed elders and overseers (episkopos) to each of the Christian communities. The word episkopos is undoubtably referencing to bishops. This and many other things were attested to by the writings of the direct successors of the apostles mainly St. Linus, St. Iraenaeus, St. Ignatius of Antioch, and St. Polycarp who all wrote of themselves as bishops of the church.

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