Todays trailer showed us a lot of cool stuff for the hunter and warlock..

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  1. If they left absolutely everything the same and reskinned the hand blades into being dual hand axes, would that make you happy with berserker?

  2. That would actually make a lot of sense as berserkers are viking warriors who were extremely ferocious and went into a battle trance. And the name of the super is berserker too

  3. Then again this is not a pvp game. If anything its great pve game with pretty damn barebones pvp game that was left in gutter for 3 years and some people still hope its going to leave that gutter(spoiler alert: its not).

  4. This is the worst take ever, pure stupidity, the game would not even exist if it weren't for the pvp. People only were interested in destiny 1 from the pvp

  5. Not really, it really worked in D1, and honestly some years in D2, but rn its been like what ? 1 year and one pretty great season in D2 when it really worked ?

  6. Im talking about the first time destiny was shown to the public, people were hyped only for the pvp and it being made by halo devs. It literally had major tournaments and even an mlg event in destiny 1 so that shows how popular it used to be. These pvp players then fell in love with the pve and stuck to the game. Pvp and pvp content creators are the only thing keeping the game somewhat relevent in the weeks of a content drought like we had with season of plunder.

  7. Ana is the worst character in D2 and does/says very little on camera that doesn’t feel cheesy and cringey. We do has Eris who is one of the best characters and also Crow who’s got some important story left. We just only see them a season or two a year

  8. I mean... Crow has had some character development a few seasons ago, but Ana is... Boring? I mean, she's less of a "Hunter" and more of a "warmind handler" these days

  9. the front of that thing got me acting up

  10. I've posted 3 times here all on the same subject. I play all three classes and have done the most difficult solo content with a solar Titan. The amount of vitriole expressed from presumably Titan mains is pathetic.

  11. My only conclusion from this are that Titan mains are pathetic weirdo incels

  12. He does graffiti he’s not a good kid look at his account he’s a thief and a graffiti kid💀

  13. At least you're not like the guy that posted in

  14. ripperoni to everyone who paid for it at the beginning of the season

  15. Maybe actually check the eververse rotation? Its not hard man this is entirely your fault

  16. Oooh, something like Scorpion's "GET OVER HERE" would be awesome!

  17. That wont make any sense at all for a titan to have, only a hunter would make sense. You titan mains truly expose your idiocy with every post

  18. Why would you drop out? You're on a sub dedicated to a retard who never learns anything but also never gives up even though it takes him ages to do what others could do in weeks with a little motivation. :9670:

  19. I thinks it's NA issue, here in thailand MyAvartar people are mostly normal (they still have some bad apple that lies about their gender when dating) and they are friendly and some even looks cuter than NA woman,

  20. You will like heritage with off hand strike. It maps from like 20 plus meters after a kill. And duality is a great gun like always

  21. Game is much more passive even after the pulse nerfs and AA changes in 3v3s. People will legit just not move from spawn and camp behind walls with pulses and scouts. 6v6 is getting better with the AA changes and people actually play the game unlike how it is in 3v3. Also stompees are trash now

  22. Its a good perk on literally anything unless the gun you are using already has insane aim assist and stability

  23. I dont think they are op, sidearms are much better at least on console. They kill you in a blink of an eye and have ridiculous aim assist and range now. Smgs are fine I think

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