1. You might have better luck asking student affairs or student advocacy, I think they might be able to help point you in the right direction. Also you can check if you're covered by your parents/guardians insurance, if applicable.

  2. Hi there! I've had many MANY issues with my student aid this semester too (which turns out was actually the university messing up and not MSA, oops!) But to answer your question, I was just on the phone with someone yesterday regarding the same thing and I was told that they have to say it's up to 10 days but it may very well be just a day or so.

  3. Hi would it be possible to donate without purchasing a ticket? Or purchasing one and giving it away to someone there who might need it more?

  4. Last time I checked they didn't, but congrats!! I hope you'll have an amazing honeymoon 💗

  5. I'm on the same course as you. I've done my assignment. It's not very difficult just watch the lab recordings and read through the lab notes. It's simple one you find what you're looking for. But cheating? Good luck with your further academic career if you just started because...damn

  6. I'm not sure if you've tried yet, but the second floor of dafoe has a bunch of cubicles with outlets.

  7. I think it's about spraying it inside. I've encountered a few people who did that as well

  8. Yes I spray perfume in public spaces where no rules are enforced for that case

  9. That's so rude. I hope you know that everyone hates people like you

  10. Comp 1010 uses processing, which is just a simplified version of java for students to familiarize themselves with coding.

  11. Hi there! I'm also in COMP 1010, I'm not sure if I could be any help but you can message me if you'd like:)

  12. Okay, thanks! Whenever I have questions, or stuck on something, I can message you through dm

  13. just around Pembina highway near the arc

  14. I live in that neighborhood as well and my roommates and I are using Teksavvy. We didn't have any issues with them at all and the prices are fair, might be worth looking into😁

  15. thanks! Do u mind if I ask what plan u guys are using?

  16. We're using the cable 60 unlimited, we also use their rent to own program with the modem.

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