1. Souls-like and sex based combat?! Consider me intrigued!! Will definitely take a look when I have some free time!

  2. I haven’t played them yet but I’ve heard maggot baits and fraternite are good visual novels. Not really a game in the normal sense but especially maggot baits is full of guro.

  3. Oh yeah maggot baits is great, euphoria is also another good visual novel that has tons of really good scenes. My only issue with both is there is some scat stuff that’s not my thing, but I know tons of folks love that shit so I’m happy it’s there for those who enjoy it

  4. Oh, it's just that I'm on Reddit recently, I only relied on the written text, English is not my native language. KHmm, for some reason I didn’t like the text ones, so I can’t say for now ...

  5. [Stanfreed's Spicy Events] are the closest you'll get for NSFW content, that I know of, lol (I'm the author btw)

  6. Thanks so much! And also thanks for making mods in general! Anyone who puts the time in to make cool content for this game is pretty awesome in my mind

  7. Unfortunately, the modding community for this game is too sparse for there to be any good NSFW mods. That said, the game comes with really good tools for doing things like creating new events, and given that there’s a toggle to have a character be naked during a scene, it’s not hard to add your own NSFW scenes to the game. And there are guides out there teaching you how to use the tools.

  8. Thanks! Maybe I’ll dabble in modding both SFW and NSFW stuff when my schedule frees up!

  9. It’s okay. The scenes are good, but IMO the gameplay is incredibly boring and repetitive. IMO, other “trainer” games like those made by Pink Tea do this concept much better.

  10. The porn community will forever be grateful for the release of hades 2

  11. Okay there’s lots of comments telling you to be a whore because this is a porn subreddit and that’s what folks do, but in all seriousness, a relationship cannot be successful if you are not getting what you you want out of this relationship, you should first try speaking to your boyfriend, and then if that doesn’t fix the issue, break up. Being monogamous just might not be the thing for you, right now, or ever, and that’s totally okay! Live your best life and if your best life is being a whore than do it.

  12. For FO4 there is a installation guide mentioned in the pinned aaf (advanced animation framework) post on LL. included are nude textures for female and male humans/ghouls and basic genitals for animals (bestiality). Also there are almost every working animations for aaf. To push things further you can download "AAF Violate" for an alternative combat defeat (being raped and/or tortured to death instead of just dying). On Nexusmods there is a mod named "Mutilated Dead Bodies" which adds naked and dismembered male/female (ALSO CLOTHED DEAD CHILDREN, BE AWARE!) corpses to the game world. I highly advise to download "Enhanced Blood Textures" and "Cross Crit Gore-verhaul" from NM to enhance blood and burn/laser enemy NPCs skin, leaving only their skeleton and some meat instead of that plasma puddle. With Google you can also find Gore Overhaul 3.0, which enhances gore in general. With Family Planning Enhanced (Redux) you can add breeding/pregnancy mechanisms to the game. Sex Attributes adds physical and psychological values, that add additional perks. Be sure to download the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch and Previs Repair Pack too, to make the game a little bit less buggy and laggy. I should mention, that this is only the tip of the iceberg and there is much more to find in that installation guide. My recommendation is to install those mods with Mod Organizer 2 (or Vortex) to avoid major conflicts and troubleshooting is also a lot easier. Many of the mods interact or even depend with/on each other. Hope i could help and english is not my native btw.

  13. What’s more notable is that this dude’s girlfriend changed fucking shape like 10 times.

  14. I mean the title says "girlfriends are" not "girlfriend is" but the convo still only happens between two people... Tried to save the logic but shouldn't have bothered to even try lol

  15. Then that begs the question, who has multiple girlfriends and is also getting cucked. Weirdest harem anime ever lmao

  16. Looks amazing! Are you planning to add a more complex character creator?(individual sliders instead of a all encompassing triangle one)

  17. Jokes on him I’m bi so blade and sorcery makes me horny no matter who I murder!

  18. DC++ is best for RPG and warhammers books.

  19. Ah okay, I’m on mobile so for the next while as I’m on a trip, but when i get home I’ll give it ago

  20. The coomer in me is saying yes but my wallet is saying no for VR

  21. Actually, assuming you already have a Pc, a quest is only 300 bucks. It’s a lot of money of course, but surprisingly affordable. You don’t even need to use it for porn or whatever, it’s great for gaming too!

  22. True, but if you’re already running modded Skyrim, you can sacrifice visual mods for vr

  23. The Quarry is one of them, but the guro in there is VERY BRUTAL. And the characters are very realistic too. Too realistic that I can't even watch it because it's too brutal for me.

  24. Are there anymore images, comics, videos, stories, games, etc. with guro and NTR themes?

  25. I mean the short answer is talk to your partner. For example I’m not super into canabalism and underage is something I find morally reprehensible(and I’m into guro) so they might not actually like the things you’re not into. We draw and enjoy scenarios of non consent and violence, but in real relationships those are super important, even when roleplaying those scenes

  26. How about asking a real author, one that just got into writing, for example?

  27. As a writer(although usually not erotica lol) I know writing takes time, whereas AI can be instant. My tastes change like the weather, so having an AI be able to write stories based on my any whim is pretty cool

  28. Not really on the same as AI Dungeon but try editthisinfo erotica stories or hyperdreams sex stories. They're free on google chrome or whatever your search engine is.

  29. Those are pretty cool but they seem more like alternatives to CHYOA than like AI writing tools. Thanks for the recommendation regardless

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