Takara Tomy Original Codes Metal Series 18.01.2021

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  1. Play for your friends not for the game itself, with tear and spright runick we have the next big powercreep , but for konami politics it is their way to give us new fresh content.

  2. yeah that’s my plan honestly is just play stupid meme decks with them and not try and keep up with the meta

  3. That is the right mindset, i play mekk numeron with floodgates (non-fusion area, summon limit, shifter, dimensional barrier) to annoy some tear players.

  4. That’s a silly rule. Droplets are still selling for over $20 and probably won’t see another reprint for a minute. Ash’s we’re ~$30 for a long time and we’re worth every penny lol.

  5. It is only paper , if you do not play high competitive it is better to wait.

  6. The thing is one punk card + 1 discard gives you punisher turn 1. Punisher is very annoying for meta decks even if they can rid of rex punisher can pressure turn 3.

  7. Ok. The way they worded it made it sound like adding a whole engine. What card is it?

  8. You need to find the right ratios to draw 1 punk card + 1 dino trap consistently at the same time.

  9. Turn 1 punisher + solemns is quite strong in this meta

  10. That problem is the vendor decide the prices, which card will the player going for, as a vendor can see that thread, yes King regules will be the chase we will make him expensive. It is simple logic, because there is no short prints. If regulus will print in a low rarity it is another story.

  11. Like your enthuasium , many ppl will not believe you but i hope you prove them with a ycs top!

  12. Against a dpe scythe lock it is quite hard to play.

  13. I mean it needs a makura like fusion or something, a consistency boost as its a trap deck so you will go for a 1 for 1, maybe a single golden lord can help too

  14. You have to play dinomorphia with psycic punisher to otk on turn 3, with piri reis map you can halve ur lp + find the right tuner. Misc can turbo a lv 3 tuner too.

  15. Going second is quite dead the coming format. You need 2-3 specific non engine cards to beat the top decks game 1. Kaiju + evenly. S/t removal + mystic mine + baiter. Sphere mode / lava golem + evenly / lightningsstorm. Dark ruler + evenly

  16. So it literally comes down to a dice role who wins?

  17. Maybe there are other people who have solutions to beat the best decks going second.

  18. Building 1-3 decks for a f2p is possible but more you have to pay and pay.

  19. You can side 3x piri reis map + zaphion against backrow decks eldlich for example.

  20. 1000 Euro i will spent this year, covid will not leave us that early.

  21. Currently it really is floodgates that cause the most problems. Not just in tier 1 decks. The fact that my opponent can sit on mystic mine for ever, then as soon as they make a mistake and I could remove it, flip skill drain and either IO or secret village of the spellcasters is just not healthy for the game.

  22. Mystic mine checks the t1 decks, if you get scythe , protos or massive turn 1 Board.

  23. Max 100 dollars , but If you find the right collector/Person you can get a higher price.

  24. Well, Meteo was Released in september 2010, maybe they continued to produce it in 2011 too, looks real to me.

  25. The producers noticed that people know about the codes, D2211 is a wrong code because there are many of these i saw on destructor, gravity destroyer and other meteos too. Guys on discord prove it.

  26. It is a midfake (no rubber, tall tip, colour of the energy ring) even the code seems right, but u think the producers in Taiwan change stamp since more and more people understands what the codes mean.

  27. Neither of the two dinorphia main deck monsters have 0 attack so I don’t see piri reis doing anything for the archetype

  28. It is about to half your life points, search numeron wall make a 4mat apollousa then set the trap.

  29. So what does normal summon numeron wall have to do with the dinorphia package being used as a small normal summon engine in control decks

  30. It is about halve your lp with piri reis map, you can search whatever you want maybe a dino with 0 atk ?

  31. Yup, pretty beat up but it was probablt used quite a bit then stored poorly. Most of the Beys however are in pretty great condition.

  32. The most people will pay 4-5 Euro for 1 bey but there are some collector who will pay more for them, depending on the situation, if they have some of them or not.

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