Swedish MEP shows solidarity

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  1. It was a tourist, it hasn't hit court and will likely be thrown out of court imediatley.

  2. Yepp. Ott unnecessary outrage... Why you telling lies for to me? You actually have the brass neck (neck like fuckin' steel) to be critical and meltdown over my tongue and cheek joke (which went over your head completely) all while conveniently ignoring the person I responded to who basically said fuck the woman sitting in the dark, tell her to stop drinking. Bravo kiddo. Who needs a moral centre anyway when you can be permanently offended over being offended.

  3. I think you are the one missing the joke. The person you were replying too seemed to be using a typical tory excuse as a form of humour.

  4. I'm going to cut your whole rant down to size here... Did you stop to think [actually] think, that my retort was a joke directed at the fact he'll have family members who are fond of a drink, like my family members, like me. That's why I chose to answer a joke with a joke and didn't choose to be uptight about it.... Now, here we are.

  5. That's irrelevant the headline says nurses are leaving because the pay is better, it isn't, it's bollocks

  6. People don't want to pay more tax while it's being siphoned off to tory donors and friends. If it was getting spend appropriately we wouldn't need to raise taxes. Also I don't think people would mind tax rises as much if they were coming from those more well of in society unlike the UK'S recent tenancy of putting as much burden on the less well off.

  7. No it wasn’t, the joke was that it looked like he was doing the crip walk, crip is a gang not an abbreviation for cripple…

  8. Jokes often have double meanings and the phrase / joke works successfully for both. Jokes often use wordplay so just because crip isn't usually an abbreviation of cripple it doesn't necessarily mean that it wasn't intended here as a dual meaning enhancing the initial joke.

  9. Even then he's getting downvoted for no reason, the original joke was that he looked like he was crip walking "he just learned how to crip walk" and the other comment made a further joke that he was cripple walking which was expanding on it, not copying it

  10. You replied to someone stating that it wasn't the joke. You didn't make the joke so I don't think you can state that with confidence.

  11. Guys what does Chucky our la mean

  12. You ruined the joke by explaining it, that’s probably what the downvotes are for.

  13. I deserved the Downvotes for the joke going over my head, thought it was a genuine question.

  14. This is like half the plot of the entire Lucifer series

  15. Haven't seen it as it doesn't seem something I would be into but upvoted you for being informative.

  16. Good crime investigation/fantasy series, easy to accidentally binge, would recommend as all of it is on Netflix

  17. I'll say to the Mrs when she's up as I tend to be a bit of a bore and watch more factual stuff but she's always on the hunt for something good to watch and it actually sounds pretty much something that she would like.

  18. I live in Belfast so I am aware. I would argue that either side isn't afraid to stand up when they are being wronged (or feel like they are being wronged in the case of Unionists).

  19. Yeah, I’m from Belfast too. One could still claim that those riots at the bottom of your street is still Irish resistance or any unionist/loyalist protest for that matter.

  20. You could argue that but it would be a very disingenuous argument and you know it.

  21. Feeding immigrants from Iran with my own money is it enough

  22. I never claimed I done shit nor did I run people down who are actually doing anything (apart from yourself which I don't believe are genuine about doing anything).

  23. It's an illusion, that's not a wall, that's just the floor and he's just lying down on a chair

  24. It's just a dummy on a chair bolted to a wall. No illusion or camera tricks needed here.

  25. Both of you are absolute melts purposefully trying to be awkward to win some stupid Internet argument.

  26. Probably not just him and those like him turning you off Unionism but also that the Republic isn't quite the RC theocracy it once was?

  27. There are certainly other things but I'm not religious in the slightest and in general there seems to be a downwards trend in people hold religion to much value. I'm also aware that ROI has its own issues and I try not to see things through rose tinted glasses but I think the best way forward for long lasting peace in this island is unification, even if it's a little turbulent to get there. I wouldn't be nearly as open to it if there wasn't separation or church and state but that has nothing to do with roman catholics, it's just that I wouldn't want to live anywhere that didn't have separation of church and state no matter what the religion.

  28. This subreddit will believe anything, sounds like he was raised in a household with not much opinion on the matter and spent most his time growing up in Nationalist areas from a young age looking at his post history. He's wording that like he swapped over in the past year, or that he ever was a Unionist. Which he wasn't.

  29. Never lived in a Nationalist or mixed area until I was in my twenties. Have lived all over the place since then but have been back in a loyalist area for the past 3 years.

  30. Whenever I think of europe and classic stimulant abuse I think amphetamine. Meth never really got as big like it did here in the US. Cocaine for crack seems like a long way to go relative to how close South America is for us but I guess you don’t need a lot for crack but smuggling cocaine is still very high volume whereas you can always synthesize amphetamines locally so long as you can get precursors. So I find it a bit more odd too.

  31. It's easy to get Cocaine anywhere in the UK. It's actually what my child's mother is addicted to. Amphetamines are actually a little harder to get these days in comparison but I think that's just due to the popularity of coke more than anything. The house of Parliament had the toilets tested and even the toilets with no public access had coke residue found all over them suggesting that even our leaders are at it. Meth never really made it as a big thing over here. It seemed to be about a little bit about 15 odd years ago but apart from that I didn't hear much about it. Ketimine was also very popular for a while.

  32. I honestly didn't think of it that way. A mixture of English and Scottish though I'm not sure how accurate it would be due to the complexities involved. Like we're the people who came over here ones from Scotland the people that were decedent of the celts, as far as I am aware Scotland has a pretty complex and divided history itself and I wouldn't be even the slightest bit confident in any reply I could make to that.

  33. This isn't in Russia, it was posted on a few subs yesterday and had a different location, I can't remember where it was but it definitely wasn't Russia. OP is full of shit and karma hunting.

  34. How's it all of unionism? Near everyone I know genuinely couldn't give a fuck about it.

  35. and yet every elected unionist opposes the protocol, you are in the minority, you dont speak for unionism

  36. I'm glad I don't as I wouldn't like to have to consider the Unionist leadership my peers. There are a lot of things that the elected Unionists are completely out of touch with and you know this.

  37. Thank you for the correction. I live in one of the 6 and it speaks a lot about our education system that I could even mess that up. Our education system isn't bad in general or anything but they teach us FA about Ireland unfortunately. I tend to lean towards unity so am probably more familiar with seeing the total counties counted as one unit.

  38. Fair comment and I should take a leap from your book. I had presumed it was yourself that down voted so I apologise if I insinuated that or let it influence my reply.

  39. UK police don't carry massive amound of kit. eg they are not armed. They will carry some cuffs, batton, touch, radio, whistle, harsh language and a few other things but they are mostly defensless.

  40. The police in Northern Ireland carry firearms as standard and Northern Ireland is part of the UK.

  41. I don't know why you are getting down voted for that comment. I'm into techno and hard trance etc. The track they have replaces the originals with is complete cringe and cheesey shite that primary school kids would listen to over here. It's akin to somebody recording over Metallica or slayer with Justin Bieber - Baby.

  42. The comfort is the main issue in using these for producing. They are very tight to the ears and after an hour I would be starting to feel very uncomfortable in them. They aren't really geared towards producing. Good quality headphone but more suited for Djing.

  43. I dodnt bring up vanced because its not updated and abandoned. I brouggt up revanced because i'd recently read about it (but havent used it since you asked). Idnheard decent things about it but got informed it shared user data, hence the edit to correct.

  44. Vanced still works without any issues

  45. I didn't say it didn't. I was just stating it's no longer updated or maintained so could have security vulnerabilities.

  46. Enniskillen is the Letterkenny of Fermanagh. A bad hole for fighting.

  47. Young farmers with hands on them like navvy shovels could end a life. I was never clipped in Enniskillen nor Letterkenny but saw plenty of people that were. Struck them off my list of places to go out as I got older, not everyone is getting hit for nothing but I don't want to be on the short list of people that were.

  48. That's a fair comment. I only lived near it for a few years over my life and my own experience was i was inky chinned wheb i was a young and stupid and pretty much asking for it. i didn't go out drinking a wild amount when i was living down there which is when i had wised myself up so that might have slanted the fights that i wiuld have seen. Not as likley to see so many fights when i wasnt going out as much so makes sense.

  49. Nothing wrong with a good old fashioned hate fuck. Some of the best sex ive had has been eoth ex's that i had fallen out with. (Consent was given incase it came across as a bit rapey)

  50. Stubbornness is not strength. Admitting a mistake is not weakness. To refuse to change your mind in the face of overwhelming fact, opinion and reaction is. In her mind, she's strong and Thatcher like. In my eyes, she's weak and more like a puppet.

  51. Some are stupid, some are corrupt, some are insider trading. Some are stupid and corrupt and insider trading.

  52. Sorry for that. We will update the wiki megathread with the correct link shortly. Thanks!

  53. It actually isn’t. It is simply a rhythmic cantor developed in Britain. With their accent mother and fucker are way closer to an identical syllable match then American English. At no time since it’s adoption in slang did it mean one who fucks their own mother.

  54. I live in the UK and always presumed the insult meant mother fucker... because, you know... that's exactly what it says.

  55. Listen I’m not saying that people can’t use it with that attention I’m just merely stating that when it was developed in adopted as slang it wasn’t used to indicate a person who Fucks their own mother

  56. "At no time since it’s adoption in slang did it mean one who fucks their own mother."

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