1. I don't get how she got the debutante girl to earth without language barriers with the clothes designer girl, because the first time she got in the new world she couldn't understand a word.

  2. Maybe she was afraid that the nobles might try to eat the styrofoam.

  3. OOT: In my country styrofoam is prohibited for containers,, and since a year ago i get ramen cups with some kind of cardboard.

  4. Thinking exactly the same about Rue and new ugly as fuck guy.

  5. I really don't have enough time anymore (work, gym, piano, videogames, etc) so i apply the 3 minute rule: if the first 3 minutes of a first episode doesn't engage me, i drop the series like a stone (not including intro btw).

  6. The Bear McCreary remix used in Battlestar Galactica is superb.

  7. His take on Godzilla's themes in G:KOTM are awesome

  8. Rue, Crewmate backbling and Persuader pickaxe.

  9. How long after the western release can we expect a PC port?

  10. I guess a full year after the western ps4/5 release.

  11. Please insert Hawkeye "don't give me hope" meme here please

  12. Play Asia is very reputable and i have preordered from them before. I guess someone there jumped the gun and put the preorder stuff before some official announcement but in my experience with them, now is 100% sure it will be released this year (English versions i mean). And yes, i have already preordered this sucker 😀

  13. No. I listen to all manners of metal music. some of the most popular metal and poat-hardcore bands on the scene are Japanese bands. Bands like Crystal Lake, Coldrain, SiM (the band behind Rumbling, AoT S4p2 theme), Nocturnal Bloodlust, and MANY more. Virtually ALL these bands record vocals in English, and perhaps one of the most famous Japanese metal vocalists, Ryo Kinoshita, the former front man of Crystal Lake, is fluent in both English and Japanese. His English voice is MUCH deeper than his Japanese voice, both in speech and singing. This can further be compared to other bands of the SAME genre like A Crowd of Rebellion or A Ghost of Flare which sing pretty much exclusively in Japanese and their vocals are innately higher in pitch (this is literally in a genre that uses guttural screams).

  14. Nop, no es peruano. Y el video fue grabado con un Nokia de esos indestructibles de hace 20 años al parecer.

  15. Let me win the lottery and the first thing i will do is getting this shit funded, for the people of culture of course.

  16. Peely. Nothing like win in solos as a big banana man.

  17. There hasn’t been a bad gaming legends skin.

  18. Guile. Looks like the Walmart version of the real one.

  19. Tengo familia en Marbella (España) y se les entiende mejor que a los chilenos.

  20. Considering that i have a beard, mustache and workout at home (home gym, thanks covid) while cranking Franchouchou music out loud, i vouch for that.

  21. The only Fortnite streamer i watch is Tabor Hill.

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