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  1. Can you explain that sub please

  2. Yeah it’d just make an infinite xp loop

  3. The Whale kisses the pet in front of it at the start of battle 😅

  4. Yeah people are mad about new UI but the new whale animation is just unsettling

  5. Yeah... but how does this happen when I click the video description link >_<

  6. If it’s actually a scam you should also be careful to make sure they aren’t able to charge stuff to the card

  7. This was so dangerous I was thinking it had to be fake. Like no human should be pushing around anything with a gun. They should all be behind barriers etc.

  8. Thought I recognized one of them but then no one go shot so I was like huh I guess it wasn’t one of theirs

  9. Never heard of this spell before but it seems like I should’ve seen it suggested for magical secrets on bards

  10. This is kind of what frustrates me with Dr. Strange (as a purely movie-watcher fan, no comic knowledge). I have absolutely 0, and I mean 0 clue what his powers include. It's hard for me to really gauge his power because it always seems to be whatever the plot needs his power to be. Like, exactly what the plot needs in order for it to be cinematically appealing. His fights in MoM, to me, made zero sense at all. Sure, they're visually interesting, they have some neat ideas, but in terms of power, they're totally nonsensical.

  11. I feel like that’s just a general problem with “magic” in setting where it’s not the main focus. It doesn’t get explained or usually have enough rules to judge

  12. Not really. They live like 5 hours away now but if we zoom he’s usually really drunk. So we joke that he’s “gone again” and say someone is peeing on our lawn so we gotta go. He believes us every time.

  13. Not the guy he responded to but ok

  14. They could at least do that pets with the same attack do it anyway even if they die

  15. Or activate at the same time

  16. this post has finally completed my arc of going from an elon fanboy to an elon hater

  17. I loved elon when the only thing I knew about him was that he made electric cars cause they’re better for the environment, then I found out about space x and I was like yeah space is cool idk how this helps anyone but hey I guess there are worse things to spend money on, then I found out about hyperloop and I was like why can’t he just stay in his lane I guess he’s trying to help but this is just dumb, and then I found out he liked crypto and everything else and had to question why I ever liked him

  18. Idk where you live or even the laws where I live but I feel like doing this in shared spaces would cross into public nudity and if there’s a minor present or will be probably worse

  19. 1-5 is technically a "yes," while 6 is a "it depends." Some components specify a monetary value as a requirement for the material component. For those cases, it gets iffy if your freely conjured diamond is worth 500g.

  20. The only one I think I’d allow as a dm would be creating a key for a lock if you’ve seen a key but I’d also require you to somehow see or know what kind if key opens the lock

  21. Zacian and Xerneas can combo by putting imprison on zacian to protect your xerneas from other zacians

  22. Aren't the socially liberal professors he's shitting on the ones that support better safety regulations for these men?

  23. Well they wouldn’t be real men if they were safe

  24. I think some flavor of Bard will serve you well in this, considering that Jack of All Trades will ensure you aren’t garbage at anything.

  25. Yeah it’s looking like it’ll be a bard, i thought about maybe a warlock dip since Eldritch Blast would be decent damage that could reflavor to fit lots of the personalities

  26. What kind of set would I run on thundurus to make a good lead along side zacian

  27. I recently saw a video about a team that uses imprison zacian to protect geomancy Xerneas from other zacians and wanna make a team with it. So here’s what evry mon does:

  28. Wouldn’t the wore also just spin with Earth cause of the momentum, so relative to the wires the Earth would not be spinning

  29. There’s a difference between having the documents in your home and having them on a server

  30. Old kobold Battle smith artificer who rides his steel defender. Constant disadvantage and constant pack tactics advantage always cancel out and since they can’t stack it means you will always have straight rolls. Use brewer’s supplies as your spellcasting focus

  31. If it fits your vision some other suggestions would be to use a lance so that you can also use a shield, take mounted combatant if the dm will let you apply it to the steel defender so that it can have basically evasion, and/or take a one to two level dip in fighter for the interception fighting style to protect the steel defender

  32. Remember that you’ll be moving Hunter’s mark with your Bonus actions.

  33. I think that undead is probably a stronger option cause of fear

  34. Does having higher dex make you do less damage with nonproficient weapons

  35. Yo I know this is prob a joke but if not then know that’s not the answer and you have lots to live for. Get help if you need it

  36. Fyi if they did this cause they couldn’t think of anything better here are some options so that they can still have a functional character.

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