1. Wait so you don't want to pay towards his home because it's not yours.

  2. Well that doesn't have him ending up with a main cast love interest.

  3. It took me a long ass time to learn this lesson but...

  4. You bring up that you 2 had sex after the 2nd date.

  5. Eh, I would argue against that. As I’ve said somewhere else, if they genuinely cared about co-parenting (which she shouldn’t because she isn’t a co-parent, step-parent or parent whatsoever but should still at least respect that this child is not hers because that’s the decent thing to do), they would understand my concerns and do as I ask. I’m not asking him to not post pictures. I’m asking her. So if it isn’t about faking that my daughter is hers, there shouldn’t be an issue?

  6. Wait a minute.. why is he allowed to but she's not if it's all about child safety?

  7. Are you this insecure in your role as a mother?

  8. Go to counseling. Ask a trained psychiatrist how to be a better gf to an abusive bf.

  9. Jess shouldn't have ended up with nick*** Ftfy

  10. I remember when I had an abusive bf like this.

  11. My husband changed.. and not even to this horrible degree and I divorced him.

  12. You don't Skype... or plan distance dates?

  13. The thing is he’s not been a good dad. He’s recently been making major progress with our youngest as the oldest is 21, engaged, and already a homeowner. Our youngest is 18, at a new job for only a few weeks. This is “her” job and place of employment and she is thriving there. She’s a waitress and also promoted to head baker last week. Her boss was helping her with this situation. The place closes by 8:00 at the latest and she’s never there alone. We live within 15 minutes of the place and would come running of the guy ever caused a scene.

  14. Why is that relevant? I've read a few of your replies and your just want to keep throwing your husband under the bus... just like you did with your daughter.

  15. SITUATION: Old grandpa wants to make a prostitute of your precious daughter who does not sell her vagina, or other holes.

  16. Fun fact. over 85% of the gun murders in canada were guns that were illegally smuggled into canada.

  17. We send coffee pics every day to eachother. We're at well over 2000 now. My bf did a tik tok on it lol.

  18. We call them Mugshots! We definitely don't have anywhere near 2000 pictures, but I admire your commitment!

  19. Can you beat any of the guys ? I’ve never really seen they except years ago this 170 pound brown belt chick was gnarly

  20. We've got a 135 female who can beat most of the guys at our gym. She collects mens tears as trophies. She's badass. But she'll be the first to say that in strength she'll lose, so she's all technique and flexibility.

  21. I keep telling her that when she kicks my ass, but she won't stop

  22. Sorry side question... have you talked to your doctor about post partum anxiety?

  23. So then why did this not because a major part of the discussion when the father took this new role? Her chance to raise this issue should have been then.

  24. We make decisions based on current circumstances and known future ones. This was not a known variable. This was an unlikely possiblilty. (Unlikely because it was offered 2 years ago and the child stated their feelings on the matter) And you can't make decisions constantly on the defensive of "what ifs".

  25. Remember though that her question wasn't about whether she should put conditions to her husband about him needing to come home more. She wants to refuse outright before talking with her husband because she likes being on her own.

  26. I'm going to say yta on the school expense part. She shouldn't have to pay for your children with your ex wife just as you shouldn't have to pay for her children with her ex husband. It's also not a need. It's firmly a want.

  27. I mean, theyre arbitrary numbers without context.

  28. How is that relevant? Don’t all women get harassed in the gym every once in a while? Yes that was partially her reason, but still I don’t see why that changes things. It sucks that we live in that kind of culture but ultimately she can find a non coed gym or talk to the gym staff about that.

  29. Just because I get sexually harassed, doesn't mean I should. Doesn't mean it's acceptable. Doesn't mean I should suck it up.

  30. Just under 2 years due to covid lockdowns

  31. If there is, it's not something I'm deliberately putting out there. I treat myself well and I expect to be treated well but I don't attach a dollar value to being treated well- if that makes sense. A guy can cook me a meal and invite me to his place and I would enjoy it.

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