The wind blew too hard.

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Is there anyone that know what a « binds when equipped »item mean I dont know if i can take it off after or is there a way to take off the bind curse

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  1. I think license plates fall under the 'unreasonable expectation of privacy' category, in that anyone with eyes can see the plates in passing on the street.

  2. yeah but the implication if someone sees it is that you're a litterer, when there are many ways for it to be spilled without any way for you to control it.

  3. Stop showing me pictures of gay black dudes kissing. Stop it! It’s turning me ooooooon!

  4. yeah, the people who say that children seeing gay relationships makes them gay is so fucking weird. sure it's a bit pandery but you aren't turning gay because two men kiss on an amazon commercial.

  5. especially since we're finally getting a custodian team, don't give them any ideas that they should do this lol

  6. there was a dev diary sometime within the last month and a half or so

  7. dudunsparce isn't even weak. it has high attack and hp, and it punches through protect with a high power stab move. actually really good mon

  8. I think it looks more complex on paper when you look at someone breaking down the absolute peak possible damage if everything aligns.

  9. tbh you can easily forsake only a small % of max dps by just cutting a couple abilities from your rotation if the full rotation is too complex or tedious anyways.

  10. My brother just steamrolled the entirety of shield with a Pangoro that was Lvl 80 by the time he reached Leon. Charizard's max wind destroyed the Pangoro and then swept the rest of his team because brute forcing didn't work.

  11. I used greedent with an oran berry and later a sitrus. was p fun.

  12. I just figured a lot of the trainers out in the field are just hobbyists and have a few favorite pokemon.

  13. that's exactly what they are. If our players had a class it would likely be "gym challenger" or something and then later "champion", completely out of the ordinary for most people.

  14. Sorry I'm dumb, what is the 6500 a reference to? Tbh I have not kept up on the world cup outside the memes that make it past football communities

  15. Most animated movies are around 90-100 minutes. Original Toy Story was shorter.

  16. Toy story always feels so long when I watch it but it's so short. really goes to show how having good content contributes more to the experience than runtime.

  17. Is it still BFA requirements? If so that's kinda dumb. They should add Shadowlands achievements to the list.

  18. tbh as much as it hurt performance getting a confirmed domestic abuser off the team makes me feel a bit better supporting my team

  19. well, we didn't win... BUT WE DIDN'T LOSE BITCH 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 YOU'RE NEXT IRAN 🇮🇷🔥

  20. wait since we've had two draws if we beat iran we move on to the next stage right?

  21. If they get the straight back treatment I’d make one instantly

  22. straight back worgen would look even dumber than straight back orcs, and that's saying something

  23. When I have a sex dream about Scarlett Johansson, did I create pornography or sexually assault her?

  24. additionally, what about fanfiction? someone could write a long winded, vivid love letter about a celebrity, and that can paint a picture in your head as well as a deepfake. should that be illegal?

  25. Japan is such a weird culture. There so progressive and so traditional at the same time. Its impossible for me to judge where they are going to land on issues like this.

  26. i hope they uncensor their porn again some day. while it's possible to get some uncensored, opening up a lot more would be great.

  27. It varies a lot across the political spectrum. The far right is all like grr immigration and the far left is all like grr capitalism. Toss in some isolationist centrists who are concerned about the exceptionalism deals necessary to bail out Norwegian farmers (We famously don't have very good farmland) and fishers (Who have exclusive rights to pretty good fishing waters right now) and you get a fair bit of opposition.

  28. Holy shit I've never looked at a euro coin as an american and that is straight up a sack and a cock lmao

  29. What do house plants have to do with the citizenship test?

  30. Duralex can move to New Orleans, eheheh. On a serious note is EU doing anything to get energy security? Like fracking, or helping Norway to produce more?

  31. fracking and matching our subsidies would be great for the EU.

  32. That's where gladiator stance should come in but thats another can of worms. If there is choice between 1h and 2h playstyle both should be playable. Currently smf is 5-8 percent behind titans grip plus u have less HP. There is literally nothing thats stops devs from adding passive that buffs all damage while using two 1h weps.

  33. IMO, they should go all in on the auto attack playstyle. make smf increase your damage by a larger amount, and make that talent after increase both your auto attack speed and your overall damage, instead of the tiny boost to auto attack damage.

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